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The Citadel Command was a large room inside the Citadel, a large Separatist prison that was designed to hold Jedi, located on the planet, Lola Sayu.


The Citadel's warden Osi Sobeck operated from there, monitoring everything that happened in the Citadel via video screen with the help of a few security droids and the tactical droid K2-B4. The room had audio control which enabled contact between the command center and starships from outside the planet.


Around 21 BBY, after the capture of Jedi Master Even Piell, a rescue team compromising Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, clone captain Rex, clone commander Cody, four other clones, two ARC troopers and a trio of captured and reprogrammed battle droids had set off to the Citadel to rescue the Lannik Jedi Master.

After their ship entered the Lola Sayu atmosphere, Citadel Command contacted them to verify to see that no life-form was on board. They then scanned the ship and because the whole team had themselves carbon-frozen, they were not detected. Soon after the rescue team had breached the prison and rescued Piell, Sobeck viewed their progress via video screen from the Citadel Command. After he saw that all his attempts to stop the team, failed, he growled angrily and left the Citadel Command.[1]It was also were Osi Sobeck executed a clone trooper to persuade Even Piell to provide him with half of the Nexus Route coordinates when one part of the rescue team were captured.



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