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"The surface of Telos was destroyed during the Jedi Civil War a few years ago. This—Citadel Station—is part of the Republic's planetary restoration initiative."

Citadel Station was an immense orbital space station that served as the staging area for the Galactic Republic's Ithorian-led effort to restore the world of Telos IV. During the early stages of the Jedi Civil War, a Sith fleet, under the command of former Republic Admiral Saul Karath and under orders from Darth Malak, devastated the surface of Telos, shattering cities and killing many of the planet's inhabitants. After the war's conclusion, the Republic, directed by Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa, funded an attempt to restore Telos to its formerly pristine state. To achieve this, the station was constructed in orbit around Telos IV, and consisted of a series of large residential, entertainment, and dock modules that were interconnected by a base of girders and other support structures. The station served as home to the many technicians and beings of other professions who were employed in the Restoration Project, as well as the effort's conduit for needed supplies.

Seeing a chance for profit, Czerka Corporation began integrating itself into the project, installing members friendly to its interests onto the Telosian Council, which in turn ensured that the planet's laws kept Czerka in control. Over time, the corporation intertwined itself into the project, marginalizing the efforts of the Ithorian herd, led by Chodo Habat, and using loopholes within the law and their own hired mercenaries to take over restoration zones in order to salvage technology from them. In addition, various other criminal elements sprang up, most of which were connected to the Exchange, but included independent smuggling rings. With the arrival of Meetra Surik and her companions in 3951 BBY, after barely escaping Darth Sion at Peragus, things began to change. The destruction of the primary fuel source that kept the station in orbit as well as powering the restoration efforts ground the project to a halt. This and other problems that plagued the running of Citadel Station were eventually resolved by Surik, the most serious of which was concluded when she struck a deal with Vogga the Hutt of Nar Shaddaa to secure fuel shipments from Sleheyron. Some time later, the station came under a surprise attack by forces under Darth Nihilus; however, operations continued after his defeat. According to Darth Traya's predictions, the Restoration Project continued on and eventually succeeded, and Telos was eventually restored to its former glory.


Overall structure[]

An exterior view of Citadel Station modules

"Citadel Station uses energy fields to seal off portions of the planet's surface, then generates and controls the weather patterns over each area."

Citadel Station itself was a vast network that consisted of hundreds of fully-enclosed, multi-level modules that were connected by a series of girders and other support structures such as power conduits, waste disposal vents, and other such engineering necessities. Citadel Station was constructed to orbit above Telos IV,[1] a planet located in the Telos system in the Kwymar sector in the Outer Rim Territories.[3] The space station contained a vast number of residential modules for station personnel, entertainment modules that included cantinas and other commercial venues, docking modules that contained hangar bays for incoming and outgoing starships, as well as small docks for inter-station shuttles. As an aid to navigation, each module was given a numerical designation appended to its type. The station itself also projected the shield walls that separated the restoration zones from each other, generating and controlling the weather patterns over each area.[1]

Residential modules[]

Many of the station's modules were set up to contain residential apartments for the many technicians, mechanics, and other laborers who worked for the Telosian Restoration Project for which the station was built. In addition, these types of modules held offices for various corporations that had dealings on Citadel Station or with the Telosian Council. Such businesses included the Bumani Exchange Corporation, which was in reality a front for the Exchange, as well as the ubiquitous Czerka Corporation. Other offices included those of Chodo Habat, the leader of the Ithorians on Telos. The modules themselves were utilitarian in appearance, save for rows of rock gardens that divided each module, in which a variety of trees were planted.[1]

Entertainment modules[]

An intra-system shuttle transitioning between modules

Other modules were outfitted for entertainment purposes; venues housed within included independently-owned-and-operated cantinas as well as local businesses. Some of these establishments also sponsored swoop racing tracks, which ran through various sections of Citadel Station that were otherwise unoccupied. The Telos Security Force, often referred to simply as the TSF, also occupied a number of stations, which included offices, armories, and holding cells complete with force cages, within these entertainment modules. Like residential modules, these units also contained small terminals for inter-module shuttle travel.[1]

Dock modules[]

"Citadel Station is divided into many modules, each serving a specific purpose. You are currently in Dock Module 126, which connects by shuttle to Entertainment Module 081."
―Telosian information droid[1]

Larger and better-equipped than their inter-module counterparts, the hangars within dock modules were intended to service larger starships. Most of these vessels were tasked with carrying supplies, new crew, and resources to Telos from across the galaxy for the Restoration Project; in addition, the space-to-surface transports that were tasked with bringing them to and from the various restoration zones operated from here. Typical dock modules were built with three hangars apiece; some of them were reserved for private use by the Ithorians, as well as Czerka Corporation and the TSF itself.[1]


"Citadel Station is at a crossroads right now, you know. And so are you. Don't take the wrong road."
―Jana Lorso to Meetra Surik[1]

In the aftermath of the bombardment of Telos by the Republic-turned-Sith Admiral Saul Karath in 3960 BBY,[6] the surface of that world was devastated. Its land was scourged and its atmosphere turned into an inhospitable miasma of acidic vapor clouds that produced a toxic chemical rain, which destroyed all remaining life on the planet. After the defeat of the Sith Empire under Darth Malak three years later, the Galactic Republic, at the behest of Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa, set out to restore the environment of Telos IV. This effort was intended to inspire a general sense of recovery, to help spur the galactic economy, and to test the viability of similar projects aimed at restoring other Outer Rim worlds devastated as a result of the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War.[1] The Republic began the project in 3955 BBY[5] by funding the undertakings of the Ithorian herd under the leadership of Chodo Habat, who wished to restore Telos to something approaching the planet's former glory. As part of this Restoration Project, the surface was divided up into an array of restoration zones, which would be created by and coordinated through facilities on Citadel Station, built in orbit above Telos.[1][7]


Citadel Station was intended to be a base of operations for the Telosian Restoration Project, serving as a home and community for the vast numbers of workers and supplies used in restoring the planet, as well as a conduit for bringing in specimens of flora and fauna from across the galaxy. As the modules of the station were constructed and assembled, various interests began to move into the growing complex in order to take advantage of the generosity of the Republic Senate in funding the project. Czerka Corporation, the Exchange, and other small merchants began to set up shop in the various modules of the station as it took shape, even as refugees from the many other Outer Rim planets devastated during the Jedi Civil War poured into Telos.[1]


"The Telosian government initially welcomed Czerka's presence. The corporation offered Citadel Station inexpensive resources and affordable, privatized security."
―Chodo Habat[1]

Citadel Station from orbit

By the time[1] Meetra Surik[8] arrived on Telos in 3951 BBY, the Telosian Restoration Project was in considerable jeopardy. In addition to the cutoff of fuel supplies to the station as a result of the destruction of the Peragus Mining Facility, many of the formerly Ithorian-run restoration zones were steadily being taken over by the local branch of the self-serving Czerka Corporation. The company used loopholes written into Telosian law and lobbying before the governing body of the station, along with a variety of underhanded and strong-arm tactics to wrest control of these zones. Led by Jana Lorso, this branch sought to maximize profits at the expense of the project itself. Instead of focusing on general recovery, the salvaging of the old defense installations that had been damaged or destroyed during the initial Sith bombardment became the top priority. In addition, smuggling rings had been established throughout the station, skimming off supply shipments in order to make money from their black market value and importing unlicensed weapons. Most of these and other illegal activities were overseen by the Exchange under local boss Loppak Slusk. Other independent operations, however, did exist; one such ring was run by Samhan Dobo.[1]


"The TSF isn't cut out to handle all the problems on Citadel Station right now. We need Republic assistance."
―A TSF officer to Meetra Surik[1]

Having fled Peragus with Darth Sion in close pursuit, Meetra Surik and her companions—Atton Rand, Kreia and the astromech droid T3-M4—had little choice but to go to Telos. Immediately upon her arrival on Citadel Station, she and the crew of the Ebon Hawk were taken into custody by the TSF under Lieutenant Dol Grenn, who suspected them of having some part in the disaster that had befallen the mining facility. After being put into force cages while waiting for quarters to be arranged, an assassin, disguised as TSF officer Batu Rem, launched an unsuccessful attempt to kill Meetra and the rest of her party that resulted in his death. Grenn, who was investigating the shorting-out of the security room's holocameras, happened upon the scene and at first assumed they were attempting to escape. After the duplicity of the impostor was established, the party was moved into quarters in Residential Module 082, where they were placed under house arrest until the Peragus incident could be properly investigated.[1][7]

The Ebon Hawk lands at Citadel Station.

In the hours that followed, the party attempted to get some rest; however, Surik was roused from her meditations to receive a visitor and a comm call, which were routed through after being cleared by the TSF guard assigned to their quarters. The visitor was Moza, the representative of the Ithorian herd's leader, Chodo Habat. Over the course of the conversation that followed, Moza informed Surik of the situation on Citadel Station, citing the thwarting of the Ithorians' efforts by Czerka Corporation, their use of mercenaries to bully citizens on the station and steal restoration zones, and their corrupt interrelationship with the Telosian Council. Surik agreed to visit Habat at the Ithorian Compound as soon as she was released from house arrest. Not long afterward, she was again disturbed by a communication from the protocol droid B-4D4, representing Czerka station head Jana Lorso. Lorso, when Surik spoke to her, attempted to recruit her to perform work for Czerka; however, the executive's tone was filled with veiled threats—even as she herself accused the Ithorians of utilizing the same tactics. Eventually Grenn returned, informing the trio that they were to be released from house arrest, since the Telosians' investigation into the Peragus disaster put them in the clear; however, they were required to remain on the station itself until the Republic performed its own investigation.[1][7]

Over the course of their stay on Citadel Station, Surik and her companions performed a series of tasks for the Ithorians and the TSF under Lieutenant Grenn. The first task for the Ithorians was the procurement of a droid intelligence that was needed to oversee areas of the Restoration Project, as a replacement for their prior one, which had gone missing.[9] When a quintet of Exchange thugs appeared as the droid was being acquired, they were swiftly dispatched by Surik and her companions, who then took the droid back to Habat.[1][7]

Meetra Surik also took part in the pursuit of two criminals that had escaped TSF custody shortly after her release. On behalf of the Ithorians, she reasoned with the Exchange boss Loppak Slusk, which resulted in success, albeit along with the death of his lieutenant, Luxa, sending the crime syndicate's presence on the station into disarray. Other tasks Surik performed were the infiltration and exposure of the smuggling ring ran by the Duros Samhan Dobo, the discovery and return of a former Czerka worker named Batono, the investigation of the origins of the false TSF officer who had tried to kill her, and the thwarting of an attack on the Ithorian compound by Czerka's mercenaries. It was also during this time that Surik asked Grenn about securing a new supply of fuel for Citadel Station. The TSF officer was happy to oblige, informing her that any help would be appreciated. Once she had done all she could on the station to help restore the balance of operations, Chodo Habat, as he had agreed to do prior to the mercenary attack, provided Surik with the use of their orbital shuttle so that the party could travel to the surface of Telos in pursuit of the Ebon Hawk, which had been stolen from impound even as Surik's party was confined to their quarters. Some time later, Surik returned, bearing an offer from Vogga the Hutt to ship fuel to the station from the mineral-rich world of Sleheyron.[1][7]

The Battle of Telos IV[]

"It came out of nowhere. A fleet of warships dropped out of hyperspace, and before we could scramble fighters to intercept them, we were under attack. There were Sith fighters everywhere, and the few flights we sent out were barely launched when the bombardment began. We did our best, but we couldn't stop the landing craft that followed the initial wave. We couldn't hold back the Sith troops. We chose to retreat and began the evacuation instead."
―Dol Grenn, briefing Meetra Surik on the Sith attack[1]

Sith fighters attack Citadel Station.

Some time later, Citadel Station came under surprise attack from the Sith fleet of Darth Nihilus, who had come to Telos believing that there were a large number of Force-sensitives on that world upon whose Force-energy he could feed to sustain himself. His fleet of Sith fighters and Interdictor-class cruisers, led by the Ravager, assaulted the station's defenses and landed battalions of Sith troopers on the station itself, even as the Telosians attempted to hold them off with starfighters of their own. As the battle unfolded, Meetra Surik and her party, in pursuit of Darth Traya, boarded the station and met with Lieutenant Grenn in the Ithorian Compound as he organized the fighting retreat and evacuation. The Telosian Security Force was joined up with reinforcements led by Major Riiken on behalf of Queen Talia of Onderon, in addition to a contingent of Khoonda Militia from Dantooine under Captain Zherron. Surik led this combined force of TSF officers and reinforcements in a charge against the Sith lines, breaching their cordon in Residential Module 082 and heading for the nearby entertainment module and the TSF station, where a number of Dark Jedi were attempting to sabotage the station's fuel supply.[1][7]

After securing the station, Surik, Visas Marr, and Mandalore, who had brought along a sizable contingent of his Mandalorian warriors, infiltrated Nihilus's flagship even as Republic reinforcements, under the command of Admiral Carth Onasi, arrived to engage the Sith fleet. As their efforts at destroying the ship from within using proton cores were underway, forces of the Republic engaged the remainder of Nihilus's forces, drawing them away from the station itself. Eventually making their way to the bridge, the party of boarders confronted and killed Nihilus; in the wake of their master's demise, the Sith forces lost cohesiveness and were defeated in detail. Once the battle was over, Surik and her party gathered on Citadel Station, where she met with Admiral Onasi to discuss a mutual acquaintance—Revan—prior to departing for the Unknown Regions in pursuit of Darth Traya.[1][7]


Citadel Station, still in orbit around Telos IV in 53 BBY

"Under the care of the herds of Ithor, the surface of Telos will bloom again, and its golden fields shall again harbor scientists and thinkers. And complacent and peaceful, it shall forget the time that Saul Karath orbited it and brought fire to its skies. But it shall be a homeworld again to others, who will stretch out across the galaxy and bring life."
―Darth Traya to Meetra Surik at Malachor V[1]

After her defeat at the hands of Meetra Surik on the graveyard world of Malachor V, Darth Traya used the intense presence of Force-energy at the Trayus Core to predict the future. According to her, in the wake of the battle, the Restoration Project—by then placed under full control of the Ithorians and with its flow of resources restored—would continue to prosper.[1][7]

Eventually, Citadel Station fulfilled its purpose in recreating the scorched planet; Telos IV was restored to its former glory and boasted a great number of parks and sacred places in the wake of restoration.[10] The station remained in place, still surrounding a large portion of Telos IV, well into 53 BBY.[11]


"It's good that Czerka's arrival has created new jobs on the Station, but I can't say I'm happy about all the mercenaries they've hired."
―Citadel Station resident[1]

Citadel Station was inhabited by a wide variety of beings from across the galaxy, as well as members of many different occupations. Foremost among the residents, however, were many thousands of refugees, both from the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, who used Telos as a conduit to move on to other planets where refugee communities had been established. One of these, the moon known as Nar Shaddaa, was both an endpoint for the refugee traffic and a significant source of the station's criminal element. Among the populace of Citadel were: Ithorian specialists in natural cycles and ecosystems management, droids, both astromech/utility and protocol, employees of Czerka Corporation such as Corrun Falt and a large force of mercenaries hired by the corporation, members of the Exchange, TSF officers, and a large number of the dispossessed from a number of worlds that had been devastated in the conflicts of the prior decade.[1]


Residential Module 082[]

The inside of Residential Module 082

This particular Residential Module, which was one of at least eighty others on Citadel Station, contained a number of important locations. Aside from the apartment that had been lent out to Meetra Surik and her party, it was also the home module of the offices of the Czerka Corporation, Telos Branch. From here, Jana Lorso, the executive in charge of that office, oversaw Czerka operations on the station; the facility also played host to many of the mercenaries that the company had put on retainer. In addition, the module hosted the offices of the Bumani Exchange Corporation, which served as a front for the pan-galactic criminal organization known as the Exchange. Further along the module was located the headquarters for the Ithorian herd that initially ran the project; within could be found their vivarium, where they maintained samples of plants to be introduced to Telos' surface. On the other side of the module was a small medical facility.[1]

Entertainment Module 081[]

Entertainment Module 081

One of many such entertainment modules on Citadel Station, this particular one hosted a cantina, the branch office of the Telos Security Force that was under the command of Dol Grenn, and the Dobo Brothers' Emporium that sold mundane goods as well as more esoteric items and weapons such as blasters, grenades and armor. The cantina itself catered to a wide variety of tastes, including pazaak, swoop racing, live Twi'lek dancing girls, and an all-Bith band, as well as samplings of food and drink "from Ryloth to Coruscant."[1]

Dock Module 126[]

One of many dock modules located on Citadel Station, it was here that the Ebon Hawk, after having evaded pursuit by Darth Sion aboard the Harbinger at Peragus, landed upon arrival at Telos. Housing a total of three hangar bays, the module held one in reserve for use by the Ithorians and another for Czerka Corporation. After the Hawk was stolen from impound, the third hangar was sealed off by the TSF, however it was later reopened after Surik left Telos.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Citadel Station was first featured in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and was created by the developers at Obsidian Entertainment.[12] During development, before cuts were made to The Sith Lords, Telos's Citadel Station was to have had a much larger Entertainment Module 081. Also, there would have been a choice within the game that, dependent upon what the player chooses for the Jedi Exile, would result in Czerka's Jana Lorso taking control of the station due to the situation on Onderon.[13]

Citadel Station in flames

If the player takes the alternate dark path throughout the game, they will side with Czerka Corporation and the Exchange, performing a number of duties for them which include saving Jana Lorso from her own mercenaries when they decide to attack the corporation's offices. If this, along with the alternate dark-side playthrough for RZ-0031, happens, then Kreia will predict a different outcome for Telos, stating that, under Czerka, it will "become a cold world of machines."[14]

In the multimedia patch that was released for the game on September 30, 2005, a new movie, malmov06.bik, was included. In this clip Citadel Station is shown being destroyed during the Battle of Telos IV, when the Ravager crashes into the station. It is not used in the game itself and is assumed to be a cut alternate ending, though what in-game choices were intended to have led to this clip being displayed is unknown.[12]



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