The Citadel Station Czerka Offices were located in Residential Module 082 of Citadel Station in orbit above Telos IV. By 3951 BBY, they were run by Jana Lorso, who competed with the Ithorians for control of the Telosian Restoration Project. They also had a droid receptionist, B-4D4-GE3.

When the Jedi Exile visited Citadel Station, she was approached by Lorso to help Czerka Corporation's efforts to gain control of the Restoration Project. Although she refused Czerka's offer, the Exile later visited the Czerka offices, where she discovered that Lorso had hired two escaped criminals to work for Czerka security on the Telosian surface. Later, on behalf of Chodo Habat, the Exile convinced B-4D4 to come with her to the Ithorian compound to be reprogrammed. The newly reprogrammed B-4D4 returned to the Czerka offices and gained access to sensitive files that exposed Czerka's corruption on the station. With this information brought to light, Czerka was forced to leave the planet.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the Exile chooses to follow the dark side path in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, then she or he helps Czerka sabotage the Ithorians and assassinate Loppak Slusk of the Exchange.


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