The Citadel of Ebenmal was an ancient citadel which was said to have never fallen to an invader in 10,000 years. However this distinction was brought to an end by 85 Imperial jumptroopers, who in less than one hour captured the Citadel and made the defenders, 3,000 Rebels, surrender.


Sometime between the years 2 BBY and 1 BBY,[2] the Citadel was a Rebel base and was occupied by at least 3,000 Rebels. One day an Imperial stratospheric freighter released eighty-five prototype jumptroopers, who floated down to the Citadel.

First the Jumptroopers hit the Comms Towers and then the rear ammo dumps, fuel supplies and hangars, to prevent any escape. Whenever the Rebels tried to fight back the Jumptroopers would move higher into the air. Less than an hour after the attack began the Rebels surrendered and the Empire captured the Citadel of Ebenmal.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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