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"Buildings are just buildings. What really makes a city are the inhabitants that live in it."
―Clone trooper Waxer[src]
Coruscant landscape RotS

The city-planet of Coruscant.

A city was a large and permanent settlement inhabited by sentient beings. A very large city was known as a megalopolis,[1] while a planet-covering city was known as an ecumenopolis.[2]


"Coruscant… the entire planet is one big city."
Ric Olié[src]

Tipoca City, an aquatic city on Kamino.

In the galaxy, some cities could cover an entire planet's surface, the most well known example being Coruscant's Galactic City.[3] Other cities such as Mos Eisley on Tatooine could be simply large settlements with little to no infrastructure.[4] While most cities were built on a planet's surface, some cities were "floating" above the planet, such as Cloud City on Bespin,[5][6] or on water such as Tipoca City on the aquatic world of Kamino.[7] Cities could also be built below ground, such as on Utapau, where the cities were housed within large sinkholes that covered the planets surface.[8] During construction, builders would also sometimes make efforts to blend the city with its surrounding natural habitat. A prime example was the city of Theed on Naboo, a planet which was known for its beautiful river cities of classical architecture and greenery.[9]

Large cities could hold planetary spaceports, company headquarters, offices, and all services. To offer these services, cities were sometimes divided into different districts, public buildings, residential and industrial.[10][11]

Capital cities were the political center of a planet, sometimes also the cultural center, and they held different buildings for those purposes. As the cultural center of the galaxy and the capital of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire, Coruscant was filled with government and business buildings, such as the Senate Building, as well as homes, theaters, clubs, and other entertainment centers for the enjoyment of the city's population.[10][7][8]


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