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GalacticCity sunset

Galactic City, Coruscant

"Buildings are just buildings. What really makes a city are the inhabitants that live in it."
―Clone trooper Waxer[1]

A city was a large and permanent settlement inhabited by sentient beings.



Tipoca City, an aquatic city on Kamino

In the galaxy, some cities could cover an entire planet or moon surface, such as Galactic City on Coruscant. Such a city was known as an ecumenopolis. A city could sometimes be the only settlement on a planet, such as Anoat City on Anoat and Iziz on Onderon. While most cities were built on a planet's surface, some cities floated in the air or on water. Cloud City was equipped with 36,000 repulsorlift engines and tractor beam generators that kept the city afloat and in position in Bespin's atmosphere.[2] Feiya, on Deyer, was composed of floating rafts adrift on that planet's ocean. Cities could also be built below ground, such as on Utapau, where the cities were housed within large sinkholes that cover the planet's surface.

Large cities could hold planetary spaceports, company headquarters, offices, and various services. To offer these services, cities such as Salis D'aar were divided into different districts, public buildings, residential and industrial.[3] A capital city was the political center of a jurisdiction and held different political buildings such as palaces and restricted landing pads as seen in Theed, capital of Naboo.


Cholganna settlement -EotEBtR

A settlement on Cholganna

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