Built as an amusement park on the outskirts of Mandalore's capital Keldabe, the City of Bone would become home to an Imperial garrison following the Galactic Empire's rise to power and its occupation of Mandalore. It also became the central hub of the Empire's slave and mining operations, until finally being destroyed in 3 ABY.


Amusement park[]

"It was the dumbest idea. Hayar's idiot brother thought Mandalore could attract adventure tourists."

Convinced that there was an untapped potential for tourism on Mandalore, an enterprising Mandalorian constructed an oversized replica of a mythosaur skeleton on the outskirts of Keldabe, intending to build an amusement park in and around it. However, the idea was doomed to fail and the park never opened.[2]

Imperial stronghold[]

"We've been bad boys. We told them it was an ancient Mandalorian temple that held great magical power for us simple folk, and so...well, they wanted to build the garrison in there, on account of it having so much significance to us. So we sold it to them."

When the Empire arrived on Mandalore to construct a base shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, the Mandalorians Hayar and Jarkyc convinced the Imperial garrison commander that the structure was an ancient Mandalorian temple of great spiritual importance to the people. The commander bought the false "temple" with the belief that an occupation of the structure would have some adverse effect on the Mandalorian population, and established the garrison there. Dred Priest, a former member of the Cuy'val Dar in service to the Republic's Grand Army and now a member of the radical Death Watch group, assisted the Imperials establish the garrison in the park.[2]

The structure remained under Imperial control long into the Galactic Civil War, and it was from the City of Bone that the Suprema supervised his slaver operation. It was destroyed in 3 ABY by Mandalorian Supercommando Tobbi Dala by closing the hangar that based Shrike Squadron, creating an explosive chain reaction that took his own life in the process.[1]


Inside the City of Bone.

Inside the city there were detention centers for slaves and a hangar for air deployment and slave shipment. The slaves were treated and handled like animals, and fed poorly.

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