The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra performed the music for the film Star Wars: The Clone Wars under conductor Kevin Kiner. The orchestra was founded in 1947 in the city of Prague, now located in Czechia.


After World War II this in-house full orchestra began regularly playing and recording music for film, television and animation productions at the world famous Barrandov Film Studios, the historic Krátký Film productions (meaning "short film," in Czech language), and the former Czechoslovak Television. At the time, it was somewhat smaller than today and was called the Filmový symfonický orchestr (FISYO) (The Film Symphony Orchestra) or sometimes the Film Symphony of Prague.

Many international film soundtracks were performed by this orchestra in its early days: For example, David Lynch first came to socialist Prague in 1986 and recorded the music for his film Blue Velvet. Additional recordings are made for film production companies such as Paramount Pictures, Sony, Lucasfilm and many others in the Smečky Sound Recording Studio. David Lynch returned again in 1997 to record his Lost Highway, and yet again in 2001 to record Mulholland Drive.

Fully privatized after the Velvet Revolution, today, the musicians and supporting professionals continue to play and record music together (usually every day of the week) for major international films, television series, CDs/DVDs, new video games for the top two game console makers in the world, (even ring tones) both for the Czech market and for clients and media productions around the world.

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