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"I'm just sorry I never met the Doomed. There not much left of their home—it's as if their will was protecting their city from the elements."
―Varner Hilts[src]

The Doomed, a colony made up of the descendants of Jedi and Dark Jedi, lived in a small city on the frigid continent of Eshkrene on the planet Kesh. There they kept hidden the oubliette that contained the body of the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa in stasis. It also had a stable which was used to store the Doomed's livestock, which consisted of animals from all over Kesh.


The City of the Doomed was built by the Jedi and Dark Jedi who had made peace following the Great Calamity, which occurred following the Hundred-Year Darkness. They resided there four millennia and maintained a vigil over the Keshiri and the Lost Tribe of Sith. In 2974 BBY, the city was visited by a Lost Tribe expedition which consisted of several Alanciari Keshiri and the two Sith Parlan Spinner and Takara Hilts. Spinner stole Dreypa's oubliette and awakened the ancient Sith Lord, who launched an uprising against the Tribe in Keshtah Minor. Meanwhile, the Doomed leader Kaliska and Takara Hilts managed to return to the City of the Doomed where they brought the entire Doomed community on a herd of uvaks to Keshtah to stop Dreypa. The entire Dooomed community were killed during the Battle of Sessal Spire.

However, Dreypa was defeated at the Siege of Tahv. Following the defeat of Dreypa, Grand Lord Varner Hilts sent a second expeditionary force to visit the City of the Doomed. All that they found were ruins since these buildings were only held together by the Force will of the Doomed.

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