The Ciutric Offensive was a campaign launched by the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, to drive out the holdout forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Ciutric sector and the surrounding regions.


After the end of the Clone Wars, Separatist forces that had fled from the defeats at Muunilinst and Mygeeto crossed the Void of Chopani and joined forces with pirates and Thalassian slavers in the Ciutric sector. Based out of Axxila, Admiral Terrinald Screed's fleet formed part of Crimson Dagger Command, which was charged with eliminating this threat.

The campaignEdit

Screed's forces defeated the Separatists early at the Battle of Vinsoth and the Muun leadership fled to Binquaros. There, General Hurst Romodi's ground forces began a celebrated siege, while Screed continued his pursuit of the combined Separatist and Thalassian fleet ships to Bimmiel.

Concurrently, a second Imperial task force moved up the Salin Corridor against pirate and Mandalorian forces, winning engagements at Fenion, Phindar and Sheris.

Screed eliminated the Separatist fleet at the Battle of Bimmiel, but while he was engaged there, the pirate and Mandalorian forces driven from the Salin Corridor overcame his rearguard at Botajef. Joining forces with mercenaries from Serenno, they broke Romodi's siege at Binquaros and fled down the Celanon Spur with their allies, hoping to escape to the Unknown Regions. Acting on intelligence from a pirate captain, Screed and Romodi rejoined forces and intercepted the Separatists at the Vardoss system, where they finally defeated them at the Assault on Vardoss IV.


After this campaign, Screed and Romodi's victory saw them celebrated as heroes in the Core Worlds. Having made their reputation in the campaign, they would receive command of naval and ground forces during the Western Reaches Operation two years later.



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