A Claimer was a title held by a group of servants of the Odionate Sith state in the years of the New Sith Wars. These individuals searched for people that had embraced the end and nothingness, and no longer cared whether they lived of died, just like their master, the Sith Lord Odion. The Claimers watched for such individuals even within enemy territory, to find those that wanted to end their lives on their own terms. Thus, Claimers looked for such people that embraced death as their answer, then brought them into the service of Odion.

In the New Sith Wars, Wayman was a Claimer who traveled to the planet Tergamenion that belonged to the Sith Daiman, where the Claimer dressed as a Sith trooper. He moved to save the life of a Daimanate citizen who was actually Jedi Kerra Holt in disguise. Wayman attempted to sway the disguised Holt into the service of Odion and departed the scene.

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The Claimers appeared in the Escape arc of the comic series Star Wars: Knight Errant, by John Jackson Miller. According to Miller, the Claimers served in a similar role to the valkyries of Norse mythology.[1]

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