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In 29 ABY, three Bith prisoners at a Yuuzhan Vong facility on Selvaris went by the nickname Clak'dor in reference to their homeworld, Clak'dor VII. Many of the prisoners were referred to by such rather than their name. When Ryn one-one-five, a member of the Ryn Network, smuggled a secret message into the compound, all three Bith and the Jenet Thorsh viewed and memorized the mathematical codes displayed by the holowafer, and escaped the compound in order to bring the information to New Republic High Command. Two Bith were killed by Yuuzhan Vong defenses, and while Thorsh escaped the planet, this particular Bith was brought before the other prisoners by the Yuuzhan Vong Commander Malik Carr, who fitted a tkun around his neck, which would coil itself tighter when disturbed. Carr continually prodded the creature, which in turn choked Clak'dor. In desperation, he uttered the mathematical codes, but died immediately thereafter.


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