"Mandalore and Clan Cadera aren't exactly close."
Torian Cadera[src]

Clan Cadera was a Mandalorian clan in existence during the time of the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire that followed.[1] When the Mandalorians under the leadership of the new Mand'alor, Mandalore the Vindicated, allied with the Sith against the Republic, Cadera clan member Jicoln Cadera spoke out against the decision. He espoused that the Mandalorians should follow the example of Mandalore the Preserver and support the Republic as he had done centuries ago. This conflict of ideology led to what became known as the Crusader's schism,[2] as Jicoln raised an army of followers to oppose the Mand'alor.[1] However, the movement was eventually defeated and Jicoln was largely believed to have died in the aftermath,[2] though he had escaped into exile, in truth. Remaining members of Clan Cadera, consisted primarily of women and young children, were welcomed back into Mandalorian society.[1]

However, Jicoln's actions left Clan Cadera with a dishonorable stigma within the Mandalorian community. His own son, Torian Cadera, was deeply ashamed of his father, and was referred to by his peers by such pejoratives as arue'tal,[1] or "traitor's blood."[3] When Torian caught wind that his father was alive and living on the planet Taris, he joined forces with the most recent Grand Champion of the Great Hunt—a galaxy-spanning bounty hunting competition organized by the Mandalorian clans—to track down and kill Jicoln. Together with the champion, Torian engaged his disgraced father in a Mandalorian death game known as a Geroya be Haran, and the two emerged victorious. However, when Jicoln recognized Torian as his estranged son, he asked for a moment alone with him to explain his actions[1] before being dealt his fate. After Jicoln had been put to rest,[4] he was turned over to a contingent of Mandalorian soldiers to be brought to Mandalore the Vindicated. Torian, having removed the shame Clan Cadera had bore in the eyes of Mandalorian contemporaries by taking down his father, chose to join the bounty hunter crew of the Grand Champion in search of new challenges.[1]

By the time of the revolt against the Eternal Empire, few members of the clan remained. Torian Cadera alone answered Mandalore the Avenger's call to Darvannis, and became her top scout, as well as the new chief of Clan Cadera.

Behind the scenesEdit

Clan Cadera first appeared in Star Wars lore in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic, created by BioWare and released December 20, 2011. The official promotional website known as The Holonet provided further details about the clan and member Jicoln Cadera, as part of the biography of Mandalore the Vindicated.



Notes and referencesEdit

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