Clan Detta was a Mandalorian clan in existence prior to the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Among the clan were two brothers, Suvar and Cham Detta, who fought at the side of Mand'alor Boba Fett as Mandalorian Protectors during the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the known galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

Two members of Clan Detta, the brothers Cham and Suvar Detta, joined the ranks of the Mandalorian Protectors under the leadership of Mand'alor Boba Fett.[3] The Detta brothers were among a squadron of Mandalorian starships to witness the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong's entrance to the known galaxy in the year 25 ABY, and subsequently aided Fett in legitimizing the appearance of the Mandalorians working for the Yuuzhan Vong by covertly assaulting the spaceport at Birgis. In reality, the Mandalorians were acting as double-agents against the Yuuzhan Vong, and Cham Detta was ordered to get a local pilot offworld under the cover of a false pursuit, in order to allow her to deliver the intelligence the Mandalorians had gathered back to the New Republic.[1]

Three months into the war, both Suvar and Cham Detta took part in the Battle of New Holgha. There, the Mandalorians were confronted with an opportunity to rescue a Jedi Knight from the Yuuzhan Vong, who in turn could pass along their intelligence to the New Republic and verify its authenticity; the previous attempt to turn over intelligence had been ignored due to the belief that the hostile Mandalorians were attempting to spread misinformation. Aiding the Jedi known as Kubariet, the Mandalorians were forced into a skirmish with the Yuuzhan Vong subaltern, Bur'lorr. The Detta brothers engaged the Yuuzhan Vong warrior in a close-quarters fight together with the other Mandalorians, and it was Suvar who decapitated the warrior's serpentine amphistaff. Bur'lorr was eventually killed at the crushgaunt-covered hands of of their comrade Goran Beviin.[1]

More than a decade later, in 41 ABY, Cham Detta had become the bartender of the Oyu'baat tapcaf in Keldabe, Mandalore's capital city.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Clan Detta was first introduced to the Star Wars universe via the appearance of the Detta brothers, Cham and Suvar, in the 2006 e-novella Boba Fett: A Practical Man, by author Karen Traviss. Cham Detta made another appearance in Traviss' later novel, Legacy of the Force: Revelation, published February 26, 2008.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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