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Clan Doneeta was a wealthy Twi'lek family on Ryloth,[1] the name of which meant "sure" or "wise" in Ryl language.[5] They had a multi-generational feud with Clan R'lyek. In 3986 BBY, the clan was exiled from their home on Ryloth and forced to relocate, losing nearly all of their possessions and many lives in the process. They only survived due to the help of the Jedi Tott Doneeta.[1]

The feud with the R'lyeks ended shortly afterwards, again due to Tott. It resulted in the two clan leaders going out to die in the Bright Lands, them being replaced with younger leaders who would be more willing to support the peace.[1]

The clan still existed as of the Clone Wars, when they possibly owned Ryloth Ventures.[2][3][4]



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