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"You are a clan of two."
―The Armorer, to Din Djarin[1]

Clan Mudhorn was a Mandalorian clan formed in the New Republic Era. It was composed of Din Grogu, a Force-sensitive Apprentice, and bounty hunter Din Djarin, who served as its leader. The Mandalorian clan's signet was the skull of a mudhorn, which was bestowed upon them by the Armorer of the Tribe. The signet's design was in reference to the mudhorn creature that Djarin and Grogu killed on Arvala-7.[1]


"You're like a father to him."
Ahsoka Tano describes the relationship between Din Djarin and Grogu[4]

Din Djarin and Grogu, the two members of Clan Mudhorn.

Clan Mudhorn was a Mandalorian clan[5] that was established during the New Republic Era. After discovering a creature of an unknown species named Grogu on Arvala-7, the Mandalorian Din Djarin, a bounty hunter, was seeking to take the bounty back to a client on Nevarro.[6] Before he could do so, however, he found his ship, the Razor Crest, taken apart by Jawas. After tracking down the Jawa Sandcrawler, he was offered his ship's parts in exchange for a mudhorn egg. After coming close to death at the hands of the mudhorn, Djarin was saved when Grogu used the Force.[7]

Later, in order to stop bounty hunters from the Bounty Hunters' Guild from capturing Grogu, Djarin, along with Greef Karga, Cara Dune, Kuiil, and IG-11, tracked down "The Client" on Nevarro. After a brief skirmish in the street, the group escaped into the sewer, where they found the Mandalorian Armorer. The Armorer, acknowledging that Djarin and Grogu were now a clan of two, crafted for them a mudhorn signet.[1]

After Grogu was captured by the Imperial Moff Gideon and his remnant forces, Djarin, Boba Fett, Dune, bounty hunter Fennec Shand and Mandalorians Bo-Katan Kryze and Koska Reeves attempted to rescue Grogu. After defeating Gideon, the group was almost captured by Dark Troopers but were rescued by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Following the rescue, Djarin gave Skywalker Grogu, in hopes that Grogu could be trained as a Jedi.[8] During this rescue, Djarin bested Moff Gideon in combat, gaining the fabled Mandalorian Darksaber for Clan Mudhorn.

However, during Grogu's training, Skywalker sensed that the child's heart wasn't into relearning the Jedi path. After Djarin visited the planet bearing a gift of chain mail armor for Grogu, Skywalker offered him with a choice: accepting the gift and returning to the Mandalorian, or taking Yoda's lightsaber and continue with his Jedi training.[9] Grogu chose to return to Djarin.[10] Djarin also accepted R5-D4 as his co-pilot for his N-1 starfighter from Peli Motto.[11]

Following his reuinion with Grogu, the two scouted out the planet of Mandalore for the Mines of Mandalore. While searching, Djarin was bested in combat by a mechanical creature in the depths of the caves, effectively losing the right to the darksaber.

After the reclamation of Mandalore by the Mandalorians, Din Djarin accepted the child, Din Grogu, as his apprentice and son, and moved back to Nevarro, working for the New Republic on contract jobs from New Republic Captain Carson Teva.

Behind the scenes[]


A Sideshow Collectibles Art Print of Clan Mudhorn

The name "Clan Mudhorn" was first used in an article on StarWars.com advertising the release of the reference book The Star Wars Book,[12] but the name was not used in the book itself. In its section on Mandalorian clans, it only places the word "Mudhorn" under the Mudhorn signet.[13] The name was confirmed to be canon when it was later used in "Din Djarin and Other Characters of the Underworld," a 2021 issue of the Star Wars Encyclopedia.[5]

Clan Mudhorn is the subject of "Din Djarin & Grogu: A Clan of Two," an Art Print by artist Jerry Vanderstelt released by Acme Archives Direct and Sideshow Collectibles. The image depicts Djarin and Grogu on an adventure[14] sometime before the Battle of Tython[15] after departing from the Razor Crest, which remains landed close by as Djarin crouches down, with his pistol drawn and Grogu by his side.[14]


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