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[[Category:Clan Ryo| ]]
[[Category:Clan Ryo| ]]
[[Category:Force-sensitive bloodlines]]
[[Category:Force-sensitive bloodlines]]
[[Category:Twi'lek clans]]
[[Category:Twi'lek clans|Ryo]]

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Clan Ryo, also known as the Ryo syndicate, was an aristocratic Twi'lek family from Shikaakwa in the Tython system, a family whose leader bore the title of Baron as a crime lord. Many members of the Clan were Je'daii.

Family tree

   Unknown Ryo Male--+--Unknown female
            |               |                         |
   Unknown Ryo Male    Volnos Ryo--+--Kora Ryo    Hawk Ryo
                               Tasha Ryo



Notes and references

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