"We're in the middle of a civil war. Clan Saxon has the Empire's backing, and our forces are stretched to their limit just to protect what ground we have."
―Ursa Wren[src]

Clan Saxon was a Mandalorian clan of House Vizsla. Led by Gar Saxon, they controlled the planet Mandalore with the support of the Galactic Empire. When Gar Saxon diedkilled by Ursa Wren—a civil war broke out between Clan Saxon and Clan Wren.[1]

In addition to their rivals in Clan Wren, Clan Saxon also earned themselves the ire of House Kryze after betraying and deposing them in favor of the Empire.[2]

A number of Mandalorians, particularly Fenn Rau of the Journeyman Protectors and Sabine Wren, regarded the Saxon clan as traitors to Mandalore, having sold out their planet to an outside rule and betrayed Bo-Katan Kryze who many saw as the rightful ruler of Mandalore. After Gar's death on Krownest, his brother Tiber took up his position of Governor and headed their conflict with Clan Wren and the Nite Owls. Tiber, who had completely eschewed any vestiges of loyalty towards his heritage, deployed a superweapon know as the "Duchess" against Clan Wren, which worked by targeting and superheating the beskar alloy in Mandalorian armor, incinerating the wearer. This was regarded as an abomination, for beskar armor was an inalienable part of Mandalorian culture, and Sabine (who had been unwittingly tricked into designing the weapon during her Academy days) led a joint force of Mandalorians and rebels to infiltrate Saxon's Star Destroyer at Sundari and destroy the "Duchess" before it could be used again. This, however, was also a trap orchestrated by Tiber who wanted Sabine to perfect the weapon's range and capabilities, torturing her, Bo-Katan and even his loyal subordinate Captain Hark with it in order to get her to comply. Sabine, however, used the opportunity to recalibrate it so that it targeted the Imperial's plastoid armor instead of beskar before breaching the "Duchess" power core. This caused the weapon to overload and blow up, taking the Star Destroyer and all hands aboard (including Tiber) with it.[2]

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