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"March them to our house, Gheedor. We've been here an hour—it ought to have been built by now."
Ko Sornell[src]

The Mandalorian Sornell clan owned a temporary house they used for shelter while on the move during the Mandalorian Wars. The home was portable—ideal for their nomadic lifestyle—and could be erected within the span of an hour. After the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders conquered the planet Halthor, Haarm Sornell and his daughter built the house on the planet's surface for the clan to occupy. That evening, Clan Sornell dined on bilerat stew together, and slept in the home.[1]

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The Sornell clan's house first appeared in Star Wars canon in the second issue of John Jackson Miller's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War five-part miniseries. The house appeared again in the miniseries' fourth issue.


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