"You are aware of the Empire's pact with the Mandalorians. The mercenary clans supported us during the war, and we paid them well. But the treaty has made them restless. Now Clan Varad has broken with the Mandalorian leadership and declared Akaan'gaan—the search for battle. [...] I admire their passion, but their methods are self-destructive. Clan Varad has begun a series of raids against both Republic and Imperial colonies, slaughtering our soldiers and demanding tribute. These traitors must be eliminated."
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Clan Varad was a Mandalorian clan in existence around the time of the Cold War, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Varad established a number of secret bases throughout the Tamarin sector of space[1] in the galaxy's Outer Rim,[4] eventually going rogue and attacking planets controlled by both governments. Members of Clan Varad developed an aggressive and violent reputation among the Mandalorian community, owed to decades of raiding and plundering from their hidden compounds.[1]


Clan Varad was led by Chieftain Mavrix Varad, a male warrior considered bloodthirsty by his peers. Forcing his kinsmen to face demanding combat trials, those who failed to meet Varad's standards were used for sparring or even hunting practice for the clan's younger members. However, those that succeeded in the Varad clan were often rewarded with a substantial influx of credits and weaponry from the clan's latest pillage.[1]

During the years of the Cold War, Mavrix Varad clashed on a personal level with the Mandalorians' reigning Mand'alor,[1] Mandalore the Vindicated,[5] who thought of Mavrix as little more than "a rancor foaming at the mouth." Clan Varad members became unwelcome at the Mandalorian-held stronghold of Geonosis, and it wasn't long after that Varad openly turned on the Mand'alor. Seeking combat, Clan Varad willingly struck at both Republic and Sith targets alike,[1] even stealing the Republic warship Allusis and using it to attack and plunder vulnerable planets within the Outer Rim. In response, both the Republic and the Empire sent strike teams to board and seize the ship. Mavrix Varad and several members of Clan Varad were slain during the ensuing hostilities.[2]

Thousands of years later, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Clan Varad gave rise to the skilled Mandalorian warrior by the name of Shyla Varad. As the Imperials occupied the Mandalorian homeworld of Mandalore, Shyla became disconnected from her people, but eventually took up arms against the Empire.[3]

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Possible Clan Varad Insignia

Possible insignia of Clan Varad, seen on a ML-39 Brute Patrol Ship within the Flashpoint

Clan Varad and its leader, Mavrix, are the main antagonists of the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint, playable by both the Republic and Empire factions in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players control one of the strike teams sent to seize the Allusis and end Clan Varad's threat.[2]


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