This article is about Clan Vizla. You may be looking for the similarly-named Clan Vizsla.
"We've been under siege these past few years. Clan Vizla survived better than most. I ended up Mandalore mostly by accident."
Shae Vizla[src]

Clan Vizla was a Mandalorian clan active during the era of the Galactic War. Shae Vizla and her brother were part of the clan, as was Gen Vizla. During the Cold War Shae settled on the planet Rishi and established a base on the Tracyn Island, where she was joined by members of other Mandalorian clans such as Jos and Valk Beroya from Clan Beroya. The clans tested themselves against fearsome creatures kept in the enclave on the island and worked with the Nova Blades for a time, but broke ties with them when the pirates allied with the Order of Revan.

During the Eternal Empire conquest of the galaxy, the Mandalorians fought back and Mandalore the Vindicated was killed in combat. Many of the Core Worlds were blockaded by the Eternal Fleet and the Star Fortresses, trapping almost half of all Mandalorian clans on those worlds. Clan Vizla survived better than most others and Shae Vizla was chosen as the new "Mandalore the Avenger", a title she reluctantly accepted.