"I believe the only person who can rightfully answer that question is a five-year-old-girl. Her name is Claria Labreezle."
Plo Koon[src]

Claria Labreezle was a young girl that Jedi Master Plo Koon encountered and ultimately rescued while on a mission to apprehend Dreed Pommel on Metellos.

Claria Labreezle lived with her parents and two siblings in a spacious suite in the city of Ektra on Metellos, but her happy childhood was cut short with the murder of her family at the hands of criminal Dreed Pommel, who then proceeded to take her hostage in an attempt to escape Plo Koon, who had been tracing Pommel for some time. As Claria was slowly being dragged back towards Pommel's ship and to certain doom, only the skillful intervention of a blast of Electric Judgment from Koon managed to enable her escape. After this, she was placed in the care of relatives at Stratablock 7 on Metellos.

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