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The Class-A thermal detonator was a model of thermal detonator manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc..

The detonator's power and range made it illegal for any use other than military purposes. Featuring a blast radius of up to 20 meters, it could be tuned to limit the radius depending on the situation. An activation panel was located on top of the detonator, in which an internal fusion reaction would be activated via the control panel. Powered by volatile baradium, the detonator was protected by a thermite casing.[1]

The control pins of the detonator's triggers could be programmed to act as a dead man's switch, one that got automatically operated if the operator became incapacitated or otherwise removed from control.[3]

Stormtrooper grenadiers of the military of the Galactic Empire made use of Class-A thermal detonators.[4] In the hands of the stormtrooper grenadier, detonators were fired at targets through the use of grenade launchers.[2] Certain seasoned criminals owned modified Class-A thermal detonators with blast radiuses ten times as big as the original.[5]

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