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The Class 720 freighter, also known as the Ghtroc 720, was a light freighter manufactured by Ghtroc Industries. Though less popular than the competing YT-series, the Ghtroc 720 developed a following in the Outer Rim Territories, where Ghtroc Industries was located, and thousands of the freighters remained in use even after the manufacturer went out of business.

Ghtroc 720 schematics


The Ghtroc 720 was 38 meters long and could carry 135 metric tons of cargo in its two 55 cubic meter main holds. In stock configuration, a fixed double laser cannon was mounted above the slightly raised cockpit. A popular modification was to mount ventral and dorsal turrets to improve defenses.[2] A pair of docking tubes were located on the ship's rear, and each could contain an escape pod. The sublight engines were located between the docking tube. Like many light freighters, the Ghtroc 720 was often extensively modified for smuggling purposes.


The freighter was used to haul goods and supplies between Outer Rim manufacturing centers and outlying colonies.[2]


One prominent Class 720 freighter was the Accuser, the personal starship of Tiss'shar bounty hunter and assassin Kal-tan-shi, who took the starship from a target he was pursuing in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster.

A Ghtroc 720 escapes a starport.

In 9 ABY, Luke Skywalker used an extensively modified Ghtroc 720 while attempting to trace Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone soldiers to their source. The ship was rebuilt to enable a covert shroud maneuver, with the entire cargo bay area gutted to make room for Skywalker's T-65 X-wing starfighter. When caught in the Star Destroyer Chimaeras tractor beam, Skywalker entered his X-wing's cockpit and self-destructed the freighter, escaping through a break-away ventral hull section while reflective debris from the freighter disrupted the tractor beam. Thrawn, though frustrated by Skywalker's escape, was impressed by both the flawless execution of the covert shroud and tractor beam operator Rejlii Mithel's creative, though ineffective, attempt to thwart it.[4]


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