Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars' End 1 is the first issue of Dark Horse's Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars' End reprints of the original newspaper strips.

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Nestled up against the Core Worlds of the Empire, the Corporate Sector is a vast area of space ruled by robber barons, trading conglomerates, and star-spanning corporations, all loyal to the Empire. Here, Imperial commerce rules, often backed by formidable private military forces.

But the Corporate Sector also represents opportunity for those who are strong enough, brave enough, or foolhardy enough to try to carve a slice out for themselves. In the Corporate Sector, bargaining savvy, a fast ship, and a good blaster are equally powerful tools.

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Upon discovering that they need a special Waiver in order to operate the Millennium Falcon within the Corporate Sector without running afoul of the authorities, Han Solo and Chewbacca attempt to get in touch with Doc, an outlaw technician. However, Doc's daughter Jessa informs them that Doc has vanished, presumably abducted.

Han works out a deal with Jessa: in exchange for the Waiver and upgrades to the Falcon, he and Chewbacca will help out in the effort to discover what happened to Doc and other enemies of the Corporate Sector Authority, the capitalistic and authoritarian organization that oversees the Corporate Sector.

As part of this effort, Han and Chewbacca escort two droids, Bollux and Blue Max, to the planet Orron III, where they meet with Rekkon, the leader of the missing persons search.

Blue Max, a small computer probe hidden away in Bollux's chest cavity, is able to infiltrate the Authority's computer network and begin searching for the location of the abductees. However, Rekkon's small group has been compromised by a traitor, and their activities are discovered. During the group's attempt to escape the planet, Chewbacca is captured by Espos (Authority Security Police) and taken away.

Han and the others manage to escape the planet aboard the Falcon. During liftoff, the traitor shoots Rekkon and destroys the data that Blue Max gathered. Before dying, however, Rekkon is able to leave the words "Stars' End, Mytus VII" scrawled on the Falcon's game table. Han realizes that this must be the location of the Authority's covert prison facility.

After unmasking and dealing with the traitor, Han and the remaining members of Rekkon's group fly to Stars' End. Masquerading as interstellar entertainers, they infiltrate the facility and rescue the kidnap victims, including Doc and Chewbacca. The facility and staff members are destroyed in the escape.


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