Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures #2 was the second issue of the Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures series.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Russ Manning.

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Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio continue their search for the kidnapped Luke and Leia on Gambler's World. The two droids come up with some innovative plans to rescue their masters, but will they work against the scheming of Darth Vader and the mysterious Blackhole? These strips, which ran in newspapers from 1979 to 1980, have been reformatted and expertly retouched by Rick Hoberg, who worked with Russ Manning on the original newspaper strips. Hoberg adds a great color cover to top off the package.

Luke, Leia, and the droids have
come to Vorzyd 5, the "Gambler's
World," to meet fellow Rebels and
disrupt the Empire's main source of
income. But a sinister being named
Blackhole is dispatched by Darth Vader
to ensure that their plan fails, and that they
are quietly captured so as not to arouse
sympathy for the Rebellion. In a darkened
conveyor tube, Blackhole's stormtroopers
capture Luke and Leia. The droids are left to find
some way to rescue their master, but they are
hindered by a roving gang of juvenile delinquents.
Saved by some quick thinking, Artoo-Detoo and See-
Threepio desperately try to find a way to get on board
the ship where Luke and Leia are being held under paralysis
beams along with Paxin and Falud, two local Rebels...

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