Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures #7 was the seventh issue of the Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures series.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Russ Manning.

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While delivering a cache of pre-Empire textbooks to an outlying system, Luke Skywalker encounters Imperial forces as they take an entire school hostage! A young prodigy escapes, and he alone can offer the rallying cry that could save the children...and the Rebel Alliance as well!

Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures Book 7
During a delivery, Luke
Skywalker encounters the
minions of Darth Vader and
discovers a plan to capture
Rebels...using children as bait.
A child prodigy escapes from the
Imperial forces, and his scheme
may be all that stands between the
Empire and certain doom for the
Rebel Alliance...


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