Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 8 is the eighth issue of the Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures series, published by Dark Horse.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Russ Manning from the early 1980s.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Crucial components of the Rebel Alliance's X-wing fighters have been compromised by a neutral planet's desire for profits. Some people in Tun Wala would sell the units to the Empire as soon as they'd sell them to the Rebellion! Now Darth Vader is on his way to the planet to destroy the Rebels, and, neutral or not, the planet itself!

Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures Book 8
A Rebel detachment has
arrived on the neutral
planet of Arda-2 to
negotiate for targeting
equipment, but somebody on
Arda-2 would just as soon deal
with the Empire, and Darth Vader
is prepared to destroy the entire
world to get the Rebels, neutral
planet or not...


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