Classic Star Wars 12 is the twelfth issue of the Classic Star Wars series, published by Dark Horse Comics.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson from the early 1980s. Williamson supplied new panels and art to flow the stories for traditional comic format.

Publisher's summary[]

Out of the frying pan... just as Han Solo and Chewbacca manage to escape the wiles of Mystra and the arena of Raskar with the last of the legendary power gems... Luke and Threepio turn up missing. They've in fact crash-landed on the ice planet Hoth, where they're rescued by a mysterious benefactor who has decidedly different plans for the pair than her father: he wants to off Luke and dismantle the loyal droid for scrap!

As Luke and the ersatz Ben
Kenobi are attacked by an
Imperial patrol. The actor
starts to have second thoughts
about his loyalties to Darth
Vader. He leads Luke to a waiting
Vader at the Iron Tower, knowing it's
a trap. The actor eventually recants
and heroically blows up the Tower
losing his life in the bargain though
Vader escapes in time. Meanwhile Han
and Chewie set out to search for the lost
power gems of Iridum, which could be used
to disrupt the magnetic shields of Vader's
private cruiser. Their first stop is the cantina on
Junkfort Station, where they earn a hard-won bit
of information and set off for one of the rimworlds.
Once there, they're ushered into an official arena
combat competition by Raskar and his aide Mystra -
the winner earning one of the supposedly lost power
gems. Han agrees to participate only on the condition that
Chewie fight in his place. But Mystra still has a thing or two
to prove ...


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