Classic Star Wars #15 is the fifteenth issue of the Classic Star Wars series, published by Dark Horse Comics.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson from the early 1980s. Williamson supplied new panels and art to flow the stories for traditional comic format.

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It's finally time for some honest-to-goodness "Star Wars," as Luke Skywalker and Vrad Dodonna head for a climactic showdown in space with Darth Vader. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rebel Alliance struggles against time to evacuate Yavin Base for their new home on Hoth, as Darth Vader and the Imperial forces plan for a major strike on the Rebel moon. Luke, however, suspects that Vrad is a traitor to the Rebel cause, which leads to an exciting confrontation – as well as a startling turn of events for one of our Rebel heroes.

As our Rebel heroes attempt
to surprise the Imperial troops
on fogbound Daluuj, Han rigs a
skimmer to blow up in their midst.
Meanwhile, the Mon Calamari
Admiral Ackbar devises a plan to
draw the Imperials across the center of
the lake where the Millennium Falcon lies
submerged, so that the giant sea worms
attack their skimmers - at the same time
setting the Falcon free. As the Rebels escape
Daluuj, a battle is joined between the Executor
and a Rebel battle cruiser. After quickly
dispatching the Rebel ship, Darth Vader continues
toward the Rebels' Yavin base, leaving a series of
Rebel ships strewn in his wake. Upon reaching Yavin
Base, General Dodonna confides that he believes his
son, Vrad, was lost in a failed attempt to stop Vader. This
same scout ship, which Luke thinks he spotted sneaking
away from the battle with Vader, subsequently crash lands on
Yavin Four. Reunited with his son, General Dodonna asks for
volunteers for a "doom mission" to stop Vader. Both Vrad and
Luke volunteer, and before Luke can voice his doubts about Vrad's
loyalty, the two promptly get in a tussle, with Vrad admitting that
Luke's suspicions about his loyalties were right.


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