Classic Star Wars 8 is the eighth issue of Classic Star Wars series, published by Dark Horse Comics on April 1993. It reprints the latter half of "Traitor's Gambit" and the first half of "The Night Beast," comic strips written by Archie Goodwin, illustrated by Al Williamson, and originally published in 1982.

Publisher's summary[]

When our heroes stop off on the water planet Aquaris to meet with new Rebel allies, they find that at least one of those allies may be an Imperial spy. Han and Leia both have plans to trap the traitor by using Luke's droids as bait–but their plans may go awry when Luke and Han wind up in the clutches of a deadly denizen of the deep![1]

Plot summary[]

Luke, Leia, and Han
have been reunited
after their adventure with
Tanith Shire, and flee
the planet Kabal in the
Millennium Falcon. A decoy
message soon lures them to a
dwarf star, which is rapidly
sucking ships in orbit around it to
their fiery deaths. Their ship
trapped, Luke and Han find the
source of the message in a wrecked
Imperial transport, where Doctor
Arakkus awaits them in an artificial
paradise. Arakkus turns out to be a
survivor of a failed Imperial weapons
experiment, and reveals that he amuses
himself by luring ships to the dwarf star to be
destroyed. Han devises a means to explode the
graveyard and blast the Falcon free.

The rebels return to their base, only to find it
under attack by the Empire. Leia detours them to
Aquaris, where they are welcome as guests in a new
underwater rebel base. The base's leader, Silver Fyre, a
former pirate and mercenary, has just invited the rebels to
participate in an underwater hunt with her and her second-
in-command, Kraaken…



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