Classic Star Wars #9 is the ninth issue of the Classic Star Wars series, published by Dark Horse Comics.

This particular Classic series were reformatted and colored reprints of the Star Wars daily newspaper strip by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson from the early 1980s. Williamson supplied new panels and art to flow the stories for traditional comic format.

Publisher's summary[]

Leia, Luke, Han, and Chewie finally make it back to Rebel headquarters in the Yavin system only to find it under attack by Imperial forces! With the Millennium Falcon's help, the Rebels emerge victorious. But even as they celebrate, the battle sparks some unexpected results – in the form of an ancient threat that lurks within the very heart of Yavin's moon!

An underwater hunt
with Silver Fyre on
Aquaris goes awry,
and Luke's skimmer is
caught and crushed by a
demonsquid. They escape
with Silver Fyre's help and,
uncover treasonous plot
by Kraaken to purloin secret
information carried by the droids.
Leaving Aquaris the Rebels arrive
back at Yavin Base just as an Imperial
raider's ship crashes into the ancient
Massassi ruins, unleashing the ferocious
Night Beast, who proves to be a match for
even Chewie ...


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