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The Claw were a clan that were rivals to the Scyre clan on the planet Parnassos. When Brendol Hux of the First Order crash landed on the planet, the Claw helped the crew of Hux's emergency pod onto a plateau.[1]


The Claw was a clan on the planet Parnassos. They were led by the Dug Balder. At some point, they attempted to kidnap a child, from a smaller rival clan the Scyre, called Frey. They unfortunately failed losing a dozen warriors to Phasma and her warriors. A short while later a First Order ship carrying Brendol Hux was shot down by Parnassos' automated defense system and Brendol's escape pod landed in the Claw territory. Balder and his men rescued Brendol and his three stormtroopers. But as he attempted to negotiate with Brendol, Phasma and her warriors snuck into the village and intervened. Phasma then killed Balder and a dozen of his warriors before escaping with Brendol and his men and only took two loses.[1]

Phasma unfortunately couldn't convince her tribe to join her and Brendol to find the ship so she and four of her warriors took Brendol and his men and abandoned the Scyre. The Scyre leader Keldo (Phasma's brother) then united the Scyre and the Claw to pursue Phasma and the group. They caught up with them at a fence where Phasma and the others had stopped to talk to the Gand Churkk. Phasma's group had lost one warrior Carr and a stormtrooper and when the two clans ambushed them they killed another warrior Gosta. Phasma and the rest managed to get away and the two clans had to cut through the fence to continue. They engaged them again at the site of Brendols ship where they battled until it was just Keldo, Frey against Phasma, Siv and Brendol. Phasma killed Keldo and took Frey with her when Brendol's superiors arrived. They left Siv behind with the bodies of the Claw and Scyre.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Delilah S. Dawson posted an image of the Claw's flag as she imagined it on Twitter after inquires about it from fans, stating that the images were not official; however, Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee then replied saying he would add the flags to the Holocron continuity database for future reference, making them canon.[2]


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