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This was an application of the Force performed by Jaden Korr in 41.5 ABY. After taking the defeated Kam Solusar clone Alpha's unstable red lightsaber, Jaden decided to make it his own. Reluctant to use a red crystal, and not wanting an inadequate blade, Korr removed the crystal and cleansed it of all impurities, fixing the blade and changing the color from red to yellow. Jaden was especially pleased with the color change, due to the fact that a yellow blade was traditionally associated with Jedi Sentinels, who balanced Force powers with lightsaber combat; something that fit Jaden's style just perfectly. When showing his success to Marr Idi-Shael and Khedryn Faal, they were completely amazed, Faal even asking him why Jaden couldn't purge the Community clones of imperfections, just like he did with the crystal.


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