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"General Skywalker to Jedi Command. The cloaking cap works perfectly. The Separatists won't see us coming!"
―Anakin Skywalker makes a fake transmission to Jedi high command[src]

The "cloaking cap" was a fake cloaking device Jedi General Anakin Skywalker claimed to exist to deceive General Flebek, who was searching for the secret to invisibility. The real secret was a Segredo named Kreeda, who was protecting a number of people from the Clone Wars. The cap was actually a simple hat from a Kyuzo she was protecting, and, as he planned, Skywalker was spotted by the Separatists. This allowed General Yoda to take out a B1-series battle droid and, after Skywalker threatened her, Flebek fled and believed the secret had been a Jedi trap.[1]

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