The Cloister of Bilious Torment was a tomb located on the planet Korriban and final resting place of the ancient Sith ruler Bilious Torment.


Constructed by the ancient Sith to house the corpse of their Emperor Bilious Torment, the cloister was constructed to ensure that any intruders died within. Upon Torment's death, his body was laid to rest within the cloister's inner-most chamber while smaller crypts were constructed to hold his servants and closest allies. The halls leading to his inner sanctum were protected by columns set to topple as intruders passed underneath them while dart shooters bristled the walls.[1]

Long after the tomb was sealed, the Exiled Jedi Sorzus Syn and a team of priests and slaves infiltrated targeted the tomb for exploration. Upon entering the cloister, two score of her group were cut down while she eventually made it into the inner sanctum which she believed to be a nexus of dark side energy. Syn recorded her experiences within her journal which would later be compiled with the Book of Sith.[1]


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