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Lama Su: "They could be an asset to your new Empire."
Wilhuff Tarkin: "Yet reports indicate they exhibit a concerning level of disobedience and disregard for orders."
Nala Se: "A side effect of their mutation."
Lama Su: "Yet one that has never hindered the completion of their missions."
―Lama Su, Wilhuff Tarkin, and Nala Se discuss Clone Force 99[5]

Clone Force 99, unofficially known as the "Bad Batch" and designated as Experimental Unit Clone Force 99, was a clone commando special forces squad that was active during the Clone Wars. The squad initially consisted of four clone commandos that were designed with genetic mutations and led by Clone Sergeant "Hunter," a clone with enhanced sensory abilities. Other members of the squad included CT-9904 "Crosshair," a clone with keen eyesight and marksmanship that allowed him to excel in long-distance firefights, "Wrecker," a reckless clone with an enhanced muscular form, and "Tech," a clone with enhanced mental capacity and intelligence. Following the crucial Battle of Anaxes, Advanced Recon Commando Clone Corporal CT-1409 "Echo" joined the unit.

Most of the members' mutations and the ordeal Echo suffered prior to joining caused their inhibitor chips to have less effect, meaning Clone Force 99 was able to disobey Order 66, at least at first, while they were fighting in the Conquest of Kaller, and Hunter helped Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume escape the other clones by lying about his death. However, unlike the rest of the team, Crosshair was affected by his chip, attempting to kill Dume during the incident. In the aftermath, as the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, the Bad Batch's loyalty was questioned by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin. After the squad disobeyed orders to kill civilians and former Republic fighters during a mission to Onderon, all of the squad's members save Crosshair deserted from the Empire, taking with them Omega, a young experimental female clone they met on Kamino. Now fugitives from the Empire, they eventually came to work as mercenaries for the information broker Cid in the early Imperial Era.


Origin and overview[]

"Experimental unit Clone Force 99, they're defective clones with, uh… desirable mutations."
Clone Commander CC-2224 describes the Bad Batch — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The original four members of Clone Force 99

Clone Force 99 was named in remembrance of 99, a malformed maintenance duty clone who died while aiding the defense of Kamino from the Separatist invasion during the Clone Wars.[20] The unit originated as a batch of clones who were created with "desirable" genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers,[21] as a result of genetic manipulation.[22] These mutations also had the unique effect of altering their appearance and voice greatly from regular clone troopers. Each one of the members acquired certain abilities unique to the team.[21]

While a part of the Grand Army of the Republic, they earned quite the reputation. They were known to have a one hundred percent success rate. The squad worked together with Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" on certain occasions,[1] but did not report to anyone in particular.[7] The group, somewhat disdainfully, referred to normal troopers as "regs." According to Wrecker, whatever ship they were using was always shot down and destroyed when they worked alongside regular clones.[1]


Clone Sergeant "Hunter" possessed a talent for leadership, and could sense the electromagnetic fields given off by droids, which was considered an invaluable ability as Clone Force 99 was often sent on top secret and dangerous missions. The squad's leader was reluctant to work with standard clone troopers – who the squad nicknamed "regs" – as he believed that they would only interfere with the squad's unusual, yet effective, combat tactics. "Crosshair" had exceptional vision that was far superior to a standard clone's, which allowed him to dispatch targets at extremely long distances. Although Crosshair was dedicated to his comrades in Clone Force 99, he had little regard for regular clones, who he viewed as expendable.[20] Crosshair was often tasked with serving as the team's lookout, a position from which he could cover his squad[6] with his sniping skills.[5]

Echo, Crosshair, Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker

The member known as "Tech" was considered the unit's resident genius, as he was an expert slicer and problem-solver who preferred clever planning rather than raw force to defeat their enemies. Tech was also skilled in decryption, language skills, military tactics, and improvisation. "Wrecker" was the squad's muscle thanks to his strength, and although he had a dark sense of humor, he was deeply loyal to his fellow squadmates and others who won his respect. A fifth member joined the unit later, near the end of the Clone Wars. This member was the rescued Advanced Recon Commando Clone Corporal CT-1409 "Echo." Echo was captured by Separatist forces during the Battle of Lola Sayu, and turned into a cyborg. Following a key victory at Anaxes, Echo decided to join the squad, and was equipped with his own unique armor.[20] During the early Imperial Era, the young unaltered clone Omega also joined the squad, while Crosshair left the team as a result of his behavioral modification biochip.[5]


Each member of the squad had a skull icon on their modified clone trooper armor, which could be seen as their unofficial logo and helped set the five apart from other clone units.[21] Clone Force 99 modified an Omicron-class attack shuttle named the Marauder, and used it as their own vessel.[23] A GNK-series power droid named Gonky served aboard the ship.[24] They primarily used DC-17 hand blasters, DC-15A blaster carbines and DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems.[1]


The Clone Wars[]

Insurrection on Yalbec Prime[]

"Sorry we're late, Commander. We were putting down an insurrection on Yalbec Prime when your comm came in. Had a few unforeseen… complications."
―Hunter apologizes to Cody for being late[1]

At some point during the Clone Wars, Clone force 99 performed an operation on Kuat, which Wrecker described as a "smash and grab".[2] Around 19 BBY,[25] Clone Force 99 was sent to Yalbec Prime in order to put down an insurrection. Part-way through the mission, they received communications from CC-2224 "Cody" summoning them to the planet Anaxes for their next assignment. Before they could leave the world, however, complications arose when Wrecker cut off the stinger of a Yalbec queen with a vibro-knife, causing a number of Yalbec males to try to mate with them. The Bad Batch eventually managed to get off Yalbec Prime and travel to Anaxes.[1]

Infiltrating the Anaxes Cyber Center[]

"All right, what are your orders? We pick them off from the treeline one by one?"
"Actually, I was thinking we'd take a page from your book. Rush them head on."
"I like your style."
Hunter and Rex during the Battle of Anaxes — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Clone Force 99 on Anaxes

Following Yalbec Prime, the Bad Batch arrived on Anaxes and joined Cody, Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex", Advanced Recon Commando CT-5597 "Jesse", and CT-6116 "Kix" on an infiltration mission to a Separatist Cyber Center. During their flight on a LAAT/i gunship, they were shot down by a pair of DSD1 dwarf spider droids. Their ship crashed in a canyon, where Cody was wounded. Wrecker showed his immense strength by lifting the wreckage of the gunship and retrieving Cody. As a large detachment of droids approached, Hunter told his troops to execute Plan 82. Wrecker hefted the door to the wrecked gunship to use as a shield while the others took cover behind him. They charged the droids, with Tech calculating angles for Hunter to throw EMP grenades at the enemy, which Crosshair shot to activate. As they closed the gap between them and the forces, Wrecker heaved the piece of wreckage and the group entered hand-to-hand combat. Once the remaining droids had been defeated, they made camp and Rex called in an evac for Cody, and Kix was to remain with him to tend to his injuries until they got there.[1] Rex attempted to give an order to move out, which Crosshair disputed, saying that Cody was too injured. Rex explained that he had called evac, and asserted himself to be in charge, as well as having a plan. Crosshair questioned Rex's planning skills, and after a short fight between Jesse, Kix, Wrecker, and Crosshair, as well as Hunter's convincing, the clones calmed down.

Continuing on to an outpost near the Cyber Center, Hunter agreed to defer to Rex to create a plan, but Rex decided to take after their tactics of a direct assault, which pleased Hunter. However, by this time, Admiral Trench had caught on to them, sending a platoon of droids with a Multi-Troop Transport to surround them. The clones quickly executed their plan, with Jesse, Rex, and Crosshair causing a distraction at the front as Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech entered through the backdoor. Tech tried to hack through the door, but the impatient Wrecker used brute force to smash through it. The clones took out all the droids inside, with Crosshair shooting the droid commander as he communicated with Trench, and Tech plugged into the computers. As Trench's reinforcements arrived, Hunter, Wrecker, and Jesse held them off as Tech worked with Rex's supervision. The two clones discovered that a live signal was being sent from Skako Minor which carried the CT number of clone trooper "Echo," leading Rex to believe that his friend was still alive.[1]

Mission to Skako Minor[]

Encounter with the Poletecs[]
"Hope nobody's scared of heights."
"Well, I'm not scared of nothing. It's just...when I'm up real high, I've got a problem with gravity."
―Anakin Skywalker and Wrecker on Skako Minor — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]

With the aid of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Rex, the Bad Batch were deployed to Skako Minor, a planet controlled by the Techno Union. Their mission was to locate Echo and, if they could, rescue him. They traveled to the planet, but had trouble landing since a storm had built up in its atmosphere.[7]

After landing, they were attacked by three Poletecs, one of whom was the leader of a nearby village, riding large reptiles called keeradaks. Skywalker was then kidnapped by the aformentioned leader. Crosshair shot a tow cable that attached itself to the keeradak holding Skywalker, and Hunter grabbed one end of the cable and was pulled with the keeradak. After being shaken off by the Poletecs, Hunter tracked Skywalker to the Poletec village and called in the other members. After the rest of the team had arrived, they initiated a rescue attempt while attempting to not harm the natives. Wrecker pushed a large boulder down a hill into the valley to use as cover, while Crosshair shot an electric dart at the leg of the keeradak still holding Skywalker captive, freeing the Jedi. They took the leader of the tribe hostage and, with Tech translating, the Poletecs explained that they did not want to be dragged into the Clone Wars, and agreed to send scouts to lead them to Purkoll, the Techno Union's base on the planet, under the condition that the clones and Jedi leave their planet directly afterwards and never come back.[7]

Entering Purkoll[]

Clone Force 99, alongside Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex, enter Purkoll

They traveled there with the scouts provided by the Poletecs, and saw that Purkoll was rising high above the clouds on tall, thin pillars. At that point, it was revealed that Wrecker was not fond of heights. Tech lost Echo's signal, leading the team to question whether this whole operation could be a trap. After a short fight, the team began infiltrating the base. They tried and failed to be stealthy, so the team ended up resorting to blasting their way through many D1-series aerial battle droids. They then split up and began searching every nearby door. After being contacted by Wat Tambor, the foreman of the Techno Union, through the base's communication system, Tech opened the door to the room storing Echo, allowing Rex and himself to pass through while the others held off several waves of droids attempting to stop them. After opening the stasis chamber storing Echo, Tech began working out how to unplug him from the system.[7]

Escaping Purkoll[]
"What are you doing?"
"I'm putting an end to Tambor's little science experiment!"
―Anakin Skywalker and Wrecker prior to blowing up the stasis pod — (audio) Listen (file info)[26]

The Bad Batch escapes Purkoll on keeradaks

When Echo was released, he was very disoriented and knew neither where he was nor how he got there. Talking to Rex, he admitted that the most recent thing he could remember was the Citadel. Tech kept working on removing Echo, while outside the room, more and more droids were arriving. Hunter, Anakin, Crosshair, and Wrecker retreated inside and sealed the room's two doors shut as the droids surrounded the only entrance. Wat Tambor arrived and prepared the Decimator, a prototype droid that only targeted organic beings, which began to cut through the doors as Tech released Echo from the wires connecting to his stasis chamber. Echo told the group about a hatch in the ceiling, which lead to the computer cooling system. He was able to open the door with his cybernetic arm. To escape, Wrecker used his considerable strength to toss his fellow troopers up towards the hatch (without warning, to Hunter's irritation). Wrecker sent the rest of the team except for Anakin, who Force jumped up. Wrecker then tossed thermal detonators on the stasis chamber to end Tambor's "little science experiment." At this point, the Decimator had breached the doors and its energy tentacles started fanning out. Anakin lifted Wrecker just moments before the Decimator's energy tentacles found him. Wrecker's bombs then went off, destroying the Decimator and knocking Tambor to the ground.[26]

The group made their way through the cooling systems, where Echo revealed he had extensive knowledge of the Techno Union. He told the group that he knew of an escape route, but it wasn't a particularly pleasant one. Once they arrived at the location Echo knew of, Anakin agreed to plan to walk across a very thin pipe between buildings that led to a landing platform, where they planned to steal a ship. While walking on the pipe, Wrecker started to panic due to his fear of heights, but Hunter was able to keep him calm. However, as the squad neared the end of the pipe, a force of D1-series aerial battle droids arrived on each side of the pipe. Tech used a recording he had of a keeradak call from when they attacked the group earlier, using it to call keeradaks to their position, which they rode to safety. The droids took off to pursue the clones at the nearby village. The chief was displeased that they had returned and brought the war to the village. The remaining droid pursuers attacked, and while several of them were shot down, one of them escaped and returned to Purkoll and reported the clones' whereabouts to Tambor. The foreman sent more D-wing droids as well as two octuptarra tri-droids to attack the village and recapture his "experiment."[26]

Defending the village[]

Hunter, Wrecker and Rex help fend off an octuptarra tri-droid

The natives were angered they had broken their word, and Rex, agreeing that they were right, managed to persuade them by showing them what the Techno Union had done to Echo. The Poletec warriors and the team then took positions around the village. Skywalker, Crosshair and Echo took up positions on top of a large spire of rock that projected over the village.[26]

When the first wave of D-wing droids landed at the village, they found it empty. Skywalker signaled for the attack to start and Wrecker began the defense by sending a boulder rolling down into the village, flattening multiple droids. The Poletec warriors charged into the village, attacking the droids. While many droids were destroyed, dozens of Poletecs fell. As the battle continued, Hunter borrowed Wrecker's combat knife to use alongside his own, and Tech deployed electromagnetic pulses against the droids.[26]

The favor of the battle leaned towards the Techno Union once the octuptarra tri-droids arrived. Realizing the danger the three-legged droids posed, Skywalker ordered Rex, Hunter, and Wrecker to take one of them while he took the other. The clones shot at it from below to distract it. Skywalker quickly disarmed his target by cutting off its three turrets, rendering it useless. Wrecker grabbed Rex and Hunter and threw them onto the other octuptarra tri-droid, to the Captain's irritation. Rex shot out one of the droid's visual sensors, Hunter took out another with his knife, and Crosshair shot out the third from his sniper position. Skywalker then cut off one of the legs of the other droid, leapt off, and Force-pushed it into the blinded droid, causing both octuptarras to fall over. Realizing they had lost, the remaining D-Wing droids retreated.[26]

As the group prepared to leave, the chief told them that the Jedi would always have an ally on Skako Minor. Rex reassured Echo that things would be just like old times, but Echo remained uncertain about the future.[26]

Republic victory on Anaxes[]

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"Echo" joins Clone Force 99

Returning to Anaxes, the Republic launched a massive attack, planned by Echo, that included the Bad Batch, Skywalker, Rex, and Echo infiltrating the Separatist flagship, the Invulnerable, commanded by Admiral Trench. Kenobi, Windu, and the 212th Attack Battalion held off the main droid attack. By intercepting and sending Trench messages under the guise of them coming from Skako Minor, Echo was able to order Trench's army around. The two Jedi had almost been overwhelmed by the massive number of droids that Echo ordered to their location, and then Echo sent a pulse that deactivated all of the droids in the room. About to unplug, Echo scanned an order from Trench to activate a countdown for a bomb hidden in the droid assembly complex where Windu and Kenobi were.[4]

Tech alerted Windu to the situation, and Echo decrypted the sequence to shut down the bomb. Before he could decrypt the final number, however, Trench ordered a pulse to be sent from the machine Echo was plugged into, which overloaded his brain, knocking him unconscious. Skywalker, mentioning that Trench must have the sequence, attacked the bridge and, after getting the final digit, killed Trench. As they left the ship, Skywalker allowed Wrecker to use the detonator to blow the ship, which greatly pleased Wrecker. Following the Republic victory, Echo told Rex that he was considering joining the Bad Batch. Rex seemed saddened at the proposition, but told Echo that if he felt that it was his place, that he would support him. When Echo elected to join the squad, the group saluted Rex before he turned and made his way back to the command center.[4]

Conquest of Kaller and Order 66[]

"What...What just happened?"
"The comm channel is repeating one directive: 'Execute Order 66'."
"Yeah, I heard that too. What's Order 66?"
"I...am not certain.
―Echo, Tech, and Wrecker on Kaller[5]

Clone Force 99 on Kaller

As Republic forces needed reinforcements at Kaller and most available forces were sent to the capital due to the Battle of Coruscant, Clone Force 99 was sent to provide support. There, they met Jedi Padawan Commander Caleb Dume, who saw them as reinforcements. Together, they assisted Dume's master, Jedi General Depa Billaba, and their battalion in finishing off the battle droids and their AATs. Just as the Bad Batch advanced, Darth Sidious issued Order 66, resulting in all the clone troopers turning against their Jedi General and her Padawan. Depa Billaba was gunned down and Dume ran away from the massacre. The Bad Batch had also received the directive; however, they did not know what Order 66 was and none of them attempted to kill the surviving Padawan, with the exception of Crosshair, who tried to shoot Dume, despite Hunter trying to stop him. Dume eventually knocked Crosshair out, but Hunter still chased after him.[5]

After talking to a Clone Captain, Tech found out that Order 66 meant killing all Jedi for treason. As Hunter chased Dume to the edge of a cliff, he tried to convince the frightened Padawan that he was on his side, but a scared Dume managed to jump across the cliff and escape. Crosshair regained consciousness and caught up to Hunter, demanding to know the status of Dume; Hunter lied, saying that the Padawan was dead, which Crosshair didn't believe. On their way back to Kamino, Crosshair questioned Hunter's certainty about the Padawan's death, citing that usually, one would look down when another falls, rather than across. Hunter lied again, saying that some people don't like to watch others die, which did nothing to convince Crosshair.[5]

Age of the Empire[]

Abandoning the Empire[]

"What's the plan, Hunter?"
"I thought we could go off on our own. Lay low. But with Crosshair gunning for us, I'm not so sure."
―Tech and Hunter[5]

Omega joins Clone Force 99 for a meal.

After taking part in the Conquest of Kaller, the Bad Batch arrived on Kamino, where they watched a hologram of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's proclamation of the Galactic Empire and met a child named Omega, who knew each of them by name. While they were on Kamino, Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin put the squad through a trial, but judged them to be too independent. After being ordered to hunt down a "Separatist remnant" that turned out to be Saw Gerrera's Partisans and innocent refugees, the Bad Batch decided to desert the Empire, with Hunter offering Omega a place among them. She agreed, and the squad fled from Kamino. Crosshair, who was already skeptical of the unit's general disregard for orders from the Empire and sympathy towards Imperial enemies, had his inhibitor chip, the only one seen working, to be amplified on Tarkin's orders. This resulted in his betrayal of Clone Force 99, with him choosing to stand with the Empire and against his traitorous former comrades.[5]

Trip to Saleucami[]

"What do we have here? More clones who have lost their way."
"It's been a while, fellas."
―Suu and Cut Lawquane greet the Bad Batch[8]

Clone Force 99 greeted by the Lawquane's defenses.

After escaping Kamino,[5] the group sought out an old acquaintance, Cut Lawquane. As the Imperial Military began to lock down Saleucami, Lawquane planned to move his family off of the planet before he was discovered as a deserter. Introducing Cut to their new companions, CT-1409 "Echo" and Omega, Hunter wanted to learn how Cut had stayed hidden so well, as his squad were fugitives, and he needed to keep them (and Omega) safe. Realizing how close the Empire was to catching Cut, the Lawquanes turned to Clone Force 99 for help getting off the planet. With Vice Admiral Rampart now requiring all citizens of the Empire to get chain codes, Clone Force 99 were forced to acquire chain codes to help the Lawquanes get off the planet. Throughout this mission, Cut helped Hunter adjust to his role as a parental figure in Omega's life, but Hunter decided to send Omega off with Cut and his family, reasoning that the Bad Batch simply cannot give her the kind of 'family' she needs, regardless of whether or not it's what he wants.[8]

Tech came up with a plan to get the chain codes they need. While they were away from the ship (seemingly, as Tech and Echo were actually hidden inside), the Empire impounded the Marauder and moves it to its base on Saleucami. As revealed to Hunter, Tech's plan actually required that this happen, and thus he was the one who called the Empire to report their ship, much to Hunter's frustration, as well as anxiety, because Omega was on the ship at the time, a detail which Tech did not know. In order to create the chain codes, Echo infiltrated the Imperial base and stole the chain code data and the disks. Tech was planning to slip through and deliver the disks, but the Empire upped security, which led to Omega taking the disks and running off on her own. This only increases Hunter's fear of her getting injured, but she made it safely.[8]

The Batch helped the Lawquanes escape Saleucami.

She handed over the disks, mentioning that Tech 'accidentally' made five disks instead of four. Cut asked Hunter, confused, if he had not told her about his plan yet. Hunter explained that she was to go with Cut and his family, and they would raise her as one of their own. He left, and as Tech and Echo got into a firefight with the guards at the impound dock, Omega ran back and boards the ship with them. Hunter and Omega had a heart-to-heart: Omega about her desire to stay with the Batch and Hunter about his doubts about his capability to be a parental figure. During the aforementioned firefight,[8] their ship was damaged, leading them to crash on a moon.[19]

Repairs on Ordo Moon[]

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"I suspect one of our capacitors sustained damage during our firefight with the regs. We won't be able to take off without replacing it. Inventory analysis indicates we have one spare on board."

Echo and Tech scout the area around the ship on Ordo Moon.

Stop on Pantora[]

"This is a supply run. In and out, quickly and quietly."

Hunter assigns everyone their tasks on Pantora.

The Bad Batch were forced to restock their supplies on Pantora before continuing their journey. While on the planet, Tech modified their ship's signature so that the Empire can't recognize it, because the Empire had branded it as a wanted ship. The landing bay employee that greeted the Batch on their arrival recognized them and contacted mercenary Fennec Shand, who was hired to capture Omega. Hunter and Echo explored in search of supplies while Wrecker and Tech were tasked with repairing the damage done to the ship. While in a marketplace, Omega got distracted, split off from the Batch, and got lost, unable to find Hunter or Echo. Eventually she was approached by Shand; the bounty hunter claimed she was trying to help Omega find her friends, but actually led her the opposite way of Hunter. Hunter tore though the city in search of her and got in a firefight with Fennec in an attempt to retrieve Omega. After a risky, high-speed chase, Shand disappears, and Hunter and Omega return to the Marauder safely.[9]

Ord Mantell[]

"You pull a job for me, and I get the information you want. That's how this mercenary thing works."

Cid lays out her terms for helping the clones.

After their ordeal on Pantora, Hunter and the Batch hoped to learn more about Fennec Shand, so Echo suggested that they meet a Jedi informant from the Clone Wars named Cid, who resided on Ord Mantell. Upon arriving at Cid's bar, they were greeted by a Trandoshan woman who seemed to care very little for why they need Cid. When the group expressed their frustration, Echo explained that he's never actually met Cid, he just knows where to find them. The Batch felt the trip was for nothing and prepared to leave, but Omega quickly realized that the Trandoshan who greeted them is actually Cid. She agreed to share information with the Batch concerning Fennec only if they do a job for her, which is to rescue a child named Muchi from Zygerrian slavers.[2]

The mission[]
"Gear up. We have to go after Muchi. If we don't capture her, we don't get our intel from Cid."

The Bad Batch scout out the Zygerrian camp.

The Bad Batch agreed to the terms and flew to a mountain range to survey the area. Using macrobinoculars, they observed several slaves, and Tech spotted two dozen sentries and multiple entry points with minor fortifications. Before they set off, Hunter ordered Omega to go back to the ship. Although Omega was upset with the decision, she reluctantly obliged. The clones started navigating over the rocky terrain towards the compound but they were attacked by a large brezak and were soon captured by the Zygerrians. Meanwhile, Omega was talking to Gonky she overheard Zygerrian voices saying they found their ship. She quickly hid and waited for the Zygerrians to leave. She then contacted the others, but received no reply. She went to investigate and learned that the Bad Batch had been captured.[2]

The Zygerrian slavers' leader, Raney, inspected the captured clones, hoping to sell the four strong prisoners for a good price. Echo protested that the Republic outlawed slavery, but Raney countered that they were not in the age of the Republic anymore. Meanwhile, Omega scuttled across the cables and spied the Bad Batch's armor and equipment below. However, while climbing down, she made a noise that alerted the guards. However, before they could investigate, Wrecker distracted them causing them to lose interest in the previous noise. Omega then moved onto a cage that held a baby rancor, and she managed to unlock the cage. However, in the process, she was also captured. The Zygerrians demanded to know why she was there, Omega responded by saying she was opening the cage. A second later the rancor burst through the gate. The clones took advantage of the rancor's rampage to break free of their chains and free themselves.[2]

Raney decends on the Bad Batch riding his brezak.

A skirmish then started between the Bad Batch and the Zygerrians. While the Bad Batch was in combat, Omega approached a Falleen girl whom she believed to be Muchi, saying that they were there to rescue her. Her father, speaking in Falleen, told her that Muchi was actually the rancor. While Omega and Echo led the liberated slaves to safety, Hunter led the other clones to Muchi, who was fighting several Zygerrian guards. The Bad Batch converged on Muchi, but Raney descended on the clones with his brezak, scattering them. Muchi charged at Raney and his brezak but the creature hurled the rancor aside with its long tail. As Muchi whimpered, Raney prepared to whip him but Hunter threw him to the ground. Muchi took the opportunity to flee with the brezak in pursuit. Raney confronted Hunter as Tech and Wrecker pursued Muchi.[2]

Hunter took on Raney with his vibroblade, but Raney wrapped his electrowhip around Hunter's right arm, causing Hunter to drop his knife. Hunter managed to push Raney aside and kick him to the ground. Around the same time Echo and Omega took shelter behind rocks, hiding from the guards. Echo took the guards out with his blaster and led the slaves and Omega towards the speeders. On their way, Omega retrieved a Zygerrian energy bow. Meanwhile Muchi and brezak fought, Muchi managed to win the fight soon after Wrecker and Tech arrived. Wrecker asked Tech if he had a plan, and Tech explained that rancors adhered to social hierarchies and told him to challenge the alpha (Muchi) for authority. Wrecker and Muchi then charged at each other and a fight began. Echo and Omega returned to the others after confirming that the freed slaves were now safe. The clones gathered as Wrecker and Muchi fought for dominance, and finally, Muchi dropped from exhaustion. Later, the squad arrived outside of Cid's Parlor with Muchi they gave the Rancor to the buyer, Bib Fortuna. Echo told Cid that she could have told them they were dealing with a rancor, but Cid claimed that it slipped her mind and ushered Hunter into her office.[2]

The Batch return Muchi to an ecstatic Bib Fortuna.

Inside, Cid revealed to Hunter that the bounty hunter they encountered was Fennec Shand: a newcomer, but someone who has already proven herself to be ruthless and cunning. Hunter then asked who hired her, and Cid responded by saying that it was a direct commission, so she did not know. Cid then explained that the Bad Batch will need friends and money, and told Hunter that if he wanted more work, they could work for her. Hunter replied by saying that he would consider it.[2]

A job on Corellia[]

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"Let me get this straight. You knew how dangerous the information on the tactical droid is, but you didn't know who you were giving it to?"
"We're being paid to aquire and deliver, not ask questions."
―Rafa Martez and Hunter[6]

Clone Force 99 in a firefight with Imperial police droids.

Mission on Bracca[]

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Removing their inhibitor chips[]
"Those chips make you a threat to everyone around you. Even her. You're all ticking time bombs."

Rex helped the Bad Batch remove their inhibitor chips.

Escaping the Empire[]
"Hunter, we've got company."
"Is it more scrappers?"
"No, it's the Empire."
―Tech and Hunter[11]

Echo explains how they can escape Crosshair and his troops.

Rescuing Omega[]

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"I think I've got her. She's in the Lido system."

Tech explains why Omega is so valuable to the Kaminoans.

Saving a Separatist[]

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"I'm sending this message on behalf of my master, Senator Avi Singh of Raxus. The senator has been seized by Imperial authorities and is in grave danger. We require your assistance."

Avi Singh was successfully extracted from Raxus by the Bad Batch.

Mission to Ryloth[]

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"What do you want us to do?"
"Free my parents from the Capitol. That's where they're being held."
―Echo and Hera Syndulla[14]

Bad Batch and Hera Syndulla scout out Lessu.

The fight for Cid's Parlor[]

"My parlor's right in the middle of the action. Roland saw the value in it and took it. But we are taking it back."

After finishing a mission, the Bad Batch returned to Cid's Parlor, and they found it packed with customers. Among the customers were several armored figures. They were promptly escorted to Cid´s office. They met a Devaronian named Roland Durand, who had seized Cid's Parlor. Cid met them at the Marauder and devised a plan to take the Parlor back. It involved stealing a shipment of spice from Durand to agitate the Pyke Syndicate. Cid led the Bad Batch to a manhole that led to Ord Mantell's old mining tunnels. Cid warned that the caverns had an infestation problem and that they should keep quiet. While passing through the tunnel, Wrecker stirred the mysterious creatures, prompting a disapproving glance from Cid. Meanwhile, Ketch and Bolo distracted Durand by stealing his prized lizard Ruby. Cid and Omega loaded the spice onto the mining transports as Wrecker brought them down. Just as Durand entered the office, the crew ducked into the tunnels to make their escape. As they fled through the tunnels, Durand's goons pursued them. Their blaster fight aroused the Irlings, who swarmed the carts. Cid was upset when the Irlings destroyed the spice on the second cart. They made it safely on the other side of the cavern, and Wrecker sealed the door behind them.[15]

The team objects to the Pykes demand to hold Omega captive.

The crew returned to the Parlor, where they witnessed the Pykes arresting Durand. However, the Pykes demanded that Cid return the stolen spice and held Omega captive while the Bad Batch retrieved the spice shipment. Cid promised she would do everything she could to rescue Omega. The Marauder hovered over the chasm and Wrecker and Cid rappelled beneath the surface to locate the missing spice. Cid began securing crates of spice for Hunter to tow up. With the final two crates secure, Cid and Wrecker rode them as Hunter pulled them to the surface. Ascending past the mining rail, Cid and her crate bumped a lonely cart, sending it tumbling into the depths of the hive. Once again, the Irlings swarmed the cavern. Tech dropped a flash grenade down the chasm and frightened the swarm. Cid and Wrecker continued their journey safely to the ship. Cid and the Bad Batch delivered the shipment to the Pykes, who returned Omega, according to their word. Durand faced death, but was spared when Omega and Cid reasoned with the Pykes, warning them against a potential war with Isa Durand. One of Durand's horns was sliced and the Pykes exited the hangar. In return for saving his life, Durand restored the Parlor to Cid's ownership. Thankful for the Bad Batch's assistance, Cid bought the crew a treat on the house.[15]

Rescue of Gregor[]

"I received a distress signal from a clone trooper, but I'm a bit tied up at the moment to retrieve him."
"You want us to recover a reg?"
"He's an old friend, and he's in trouble. I need you to get him out."
―Rex and Hunter[16]

Rex contacted the Bad Batch to ask for their help to rescue Gregor.

Gregor, a clone commando who had his inhibitor chip removed, was another clone who was not subject to Order 66. He was sent to Daro's Imperial base as an instructor, but he secretly despised the Empire and attempted to flee, only to be captured. Rex then contacted the Bad Batch and requested they rescue Gregor. Tech reminded them that they're in the middle of a job for Cid, and while Hunter decided not to take this mission, Echo convinced him. The Bad Batch then landed on Daro near the beacon's location. After a bit of searching, Omega found the beacon, but the clone was not there. Hunter then started tracking Gregor, which led to a mountain. Hunter deduced that there is something inside the mountain, to which Tech agreed and mentioned that something was jamming his scanner. When Wrecker reminded Tech that he said that nothing was on the planet, Tech simply said that his previous data appeared to be inaccurate. Hunter then ordered Omega and Wrecker to stay aboard the Marauder, while Hunter, Tech and Echo started moving towards the mountain.[16]

While on the trail, Hunter noticed that a shuttle had landed at the base of the mountain. The squad then moved to a location where they had a better view of the mountain base. Using a pair of macrobinoculars, Echo discovered a couple of clone commandos and stormtroopers standing at attention. He noticed that the "clones" were wearing updated armor. After discussing the situation for a bit, Hunter decided that they should turn back, but Echo reminded them of the mission. Tech responded that they do not know for certain if CC-5576 is even in there, or if he is still alive, to which Hunter added that they will be going in blind without reinforcements. Echo pointed out that the Bad Batch did just that when they rescued him on Skako Minor, and that he would still be trapped there if they hadn't. He said that if there's a chance that the clone trooper is being held there against his will, they have to try to get him out.[16]

Echo, Tech and Hunter free Gregor from his cell.

Aboard the Marauder, Omega and Wrecker were playing a game when they received Hunter's transmission. Hunter told them that they had not found the "reg" yet but that they had found an Imperial base built inside the mountain. He tells them that they are going in. Omega wanted to follow them, but Hunter reminded her of the orders to stay on the ship with Wrecker, to which Omega reluctantly agrees. The three clones then jumped on top of a turbolift and entered the base through an elevator shaft. Inside the base, Echo used his cybernetic arm to access a network terminal. He found out that the encryption is new. The clones hid while a squad of troopers wearing the new armor walk past and enter a lift. After a bit of time Echo found out that Gregor was being held in Cellblock 25. The three clones descended deeper into the base and knocked out the guard guarding Gregor. Echo asked if he is CC-5576, while Hunter explained that Rex sent them. Gregor then told them his name and accepted their help.[16]

The escape[]
"I keyed a Code-16 to redirect their forces. I don't know what happened."
"Clone codes don't work here. You just triggered a security alert."
―Tech and Gregor[16]

Tech inadvertently triggered a security alarm using an defunct clone code.

Traveling through the corridors, the Bad Batch and Gregor wanted to avoid the other clone troopers. Gregor explained that the troopers have gathered for inspection and that there is no way to get past them unnoticed. Echo pointed out that if they can't reach the lifts, they can't get out. Tech said that he can redirect them and heads to a network terminal. When an alarm sounds, Tech, frustrated, explained that he keyed a Code-16 to redirect their forces, but Gregor explained that clone codes don't work here, and that he just triggered a security alert. The clones are then attacked by Imperial stormtroopers, and a blaster battle rages. The clones stunned some of them as Hunter broke the neck of one of his opponents. When Hunter asked if there is another way out of the base, Gregor said that the only way out is up. The Bad Batch then fought their way through the stormtroopers. Tech asks Gregor if he is sure that he knows where they are going. Gregor replied that he escaped before, but Tech reminded him that was captured. Gregor clarified that it was after he made it out. The clones then reached an elevator shaft, stunned the occupants, and dragged them out. Tech used an authorization code to activate the lift, which rises to the top of the mountain. Echo asked Gregor about the troopers, and Gregor explained that they weren't clones; they were recruits from across the galaxy.[16]

When they reached the top, they were confronted by a squad of stormtroopers. The clones were forced to take the lift back down. On the Marauder, Omega was worried for the rest of the squad because she hadn´t heard from them for some time. Wrecker tried to calm her down. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch and Gregor engaged in a blaster battle with stormtroopers, stunning several. Hunter jumped on top of a lift before grabbing part of the lift shaft. The rest of the squad faced of against a clone commando named Scorch. Gregor was wounded during the shooting, but he dismissed his injuries, stating that he survived a explosion. The squad then took refuge in a control room, where Hunter pointed out that the Imperials had blocked off all entry points to the main ring. Tech proposed using reactor conduits to escape the base, but Gregor pointed out that the exhaust vent is halfway up the mountain and that they can't survive that jump. Tech said that they can signal the Marauder for a pick-up, to which Gregor agreed. On their way to the exhaust vent, Hunter contacted Omega and asked for a pick-up.[16]

Outnumbered, Hunter ordered the rest of the team to leave him behind.

Wrecker and Omega then lifted off in the Marauder. The Bad Batch and Gregor reached the reactor port as the Marauder approached. In response, several LAAT gunships and V-wing starfighters departed from the base. Omega managed to fly close to the exhaust port, while Wrecker extended the gangplank so that the clones can board. Tech and Gregor quickly boarded the ship, but before the evacuation was finished, V-wings attacked the Marauder, forcing them to flee, leaving Echo and Hunter behind, where they start fighting the TK-troopers. Meanwhile, the Marauder was in combat with two V-wings. After a bit of time, the Marauder emerged victorious. Tech told Echo and Hunter they are coming back and to be ready. When they returned, Echo managed to jump aboard. However, more V-wings arrived, disrupting their rescue. Hunter jumped and attempted to pull himself up the gangplank, but lost his grip and fell down the hill into the forest. He managed to break his fall with his knife, shortly before a gunship landed near him. Hunter then ordered the rest of them to leave him. Despite Omega's pleading, Hunter refused to rescind his previous order, and Tech very reluctantly piloted the Marauder to safety. Hunter was then taken to a prison cell, and soon after, Crosshair came to him and transported him to Kamino.[16]

Return to Kamino[]

"We're loyal to each other, not some Empire."
"You weren't loyal to me. I was one of you. You may have forgotten, but I haven't. And it's why I'm going to give you what you never gave me: a chance."
―Hunter and Crosshair[17]

Crosshair, using Hunter's transponder, lured the Bad Batch back to Kamino, well aware that the remaining members would not leave their leader behind. Despite knowing that it's a trap, the group nonetheless arrived on Kamino to rescue Hunter. Omega introduced them to Nala Se's private research lab, where their mutations were enhanced, mentioning that she was there. While this was happening, Crosshair explained to Hunter that he would like them to join the Empire. Hunter declined, citing their loyalty to each other above some organization. Crosshair snapped back that Hunter and the others weren't loyal to him. Hunter tried to explain that it was either they leave or he would've killed them, which really isn't much of a choice, but Crosshair aggressively pointed out that he didn't have a choice in the matter either. At this point, the Batch tried to sneak in and rescue Hunter, but ended up getting captured by Crosshair.[17]

Crosshair eliminated his entire Elite Squad with a single shot.

Rather then eliminating the traitors, Crosshair ordered them to be spared, and called out their betrayal of him. His squadron disobeyed his orders, so Crosshair killed them himself to prove his intentions to his former teammates. He then tried to get them to serve the Empire with the promise of them all being brothers again, but the group called him out on this claim, saying that he didn't understand who they were if he thought that they would ever accept that offer. Crosshair told them not to become his enemy again, but Hunter responded that they were never his enemies at all. Omega rescued the group by activating several training droids, but ES-02, who was not with the rest of the squadron, spotted Crosshair working with the Bad Batch and her killed comrades.[17]

Quickly escaping after gunning down one of the droids, she informed Rampart that Crosshair had lost control of the situation, who then ordered Tipoca City destroyed with the Bad Batch still inside. Once the clones had wiped out the remaining droids, Hunter tried to point out that Crosshair was being manipulated by the inhibitor chip, but Crosshair explained that he actually had his chip removed. Hunter, surprised, asked when he had it removed, and Crosshair retorted by asking whether it mattered or not. Hunter affirmed emphatically that it did matter, but Crosshair simply said that this was who he is now. Hunter stunned Crosshair and grabbed his rifle and backpack, ordering Wrecker to take him with them.[17]

End of Kamino[]

"We want different things, Crosshair. That doesn't mean that we have to be enemies."

Despite the city collapsing into the sea, the Bad Batch and Crosshair were able to escape. Omega saved Crosshair from being crushed, while Wrecker used his knife to wedge open the door separating them in order to keep them from drowning. After entering the tube system with the hope of returning to the Marauder, Wrecker voiced his anger at the fact that Crosshair never once attempted to come back, saying that the Batch would've accepted him back with open arms, but Tech stepped in and explained that being "severe and unyielding" is just his nature, and no one can change that, not even him. Crosshair asked why Tech was defending him, but Tech shot back that he wasn't, and that understanding him and agreeing with him are not the same thing.[27]

Hunter invites Crosshair to rejoin them.

They reached Nala Se's lab, but the tube system between the lab and the Marauder was destroyed. While Tech was figuring out how to escape, Hunter and Crosshair argued about the Empire and leadership. Crosshair sat down, and Omega attempted to comfort him, but he told her to go away, and she did. Tech decided to escape through the medical tubes, and once they had been jettisoned from the lab, Omega opened her tube to save her friend, the droid AZI-3, who used up all his power guiding them to the surface. In order to pay her back for saving his life, Crosshair shot a grapple onto AZI-3, who Omega held onto while he reeled it in, dragging the two of them to the surface. When the Batch got to their ship, Hunter gave Crosshair the option to rejoin the group, stating it to be his "chance", but Crosshair declined, still loyal to the Empire. On her way out, Omega mentioned that they're still his brothers, and added that he's her brother too. The Bad Batch then departed Kamino, leaving Crosshair behind once again.[27]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept design of Clone Force 99 members for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Clone Force 99, also known as the "Bad Batch," was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. It first appeared in the seventh season episode "The Bad Batch."[1] Star Wars creator George Lucas came up with the idea of the Bad Batch, as he wanted to explore the idea that there were clones that were a little bit more unique from one another and who were like an enhanced skills special forces unit.[28]

Clone Force 99 was set to appear in another arc in the series, but the show was canceled before the episodes could be completed. In the arc, the clones fought against Babwa Venomor, a Trandoshan Separatist leader. A clip from one of the episodes featuring the clones was shown at Celebration Anaheim in 2015 where eight kinrath attacked the group on Kashyyyk, though all kinrath were killed.[29]


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