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Lama Su: "They could be an asset to your new Empire."
Wilhuff Tarkin: "Yet reports indicate they exhibit a concerning level of disobedience and disregard for orders."
Nala Se: "A side effect of their mutation."
Lama Su: "Yet one that has never hindered the completion of their missions."
―Lama Su, Wilhuff Tarkin, and Nala Se discuss Clone Force 99[src]

Clone Force 99, unofficially known as the "Bad Batch," was a clone commando special forces squad that was active during the Clone Wars. The squad initially consisted of four clone commandos that were designed with genetic mutations and led by Clone Sergeant "Hunter," a clone with enhanced sensory abilities. Other members of the squad included CT-9904 "Crosshair," a clone with keen eyesight and marksmanship that allowed him to excel in long distance firefights, "Wrecker," a reckless clone with enhanced muscular form, and "Tech," a clone with enhanced mental capacity and intelligence. Following the crucial Battle of Anaxes, Advanced Recon Commando Clone Corporal CT-1409 "Echo" joined the unit.

Most of the members' mutations and the ordeal Echo suffered prior to joining caused their inhibitor chips to fail, meaning Clone Force 99 was able to disobey Order 66. With the Proclamation of the New Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire from the shell of the Republic, Clone Force 99—with the exception of Crosshair, whose chip had functioned properly—defected with a child named Omega, and Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin ordered that they be hunted down.


Origin and overview[]

"Experimental unit Clone Force 99, they're defective clones with, uh… desirable mutations."
Clone Commander CC-2224 describes the Bad Batch — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The original four members of Clone Force 99

Clone Force 99 was named in remembrance of 99, a malformed maintenance duty clone who died while aiding the defense of Kamino from the Separatist invasion during the Clone Wars.[18] The unit originated as a batch of clones who were born with "desirable" genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers,[19] as a result of genetic manipulation.[20] These mutations also had the unique effect of altering their appearance and voice greatly from regular clone troopers. Each one of the members acquired certain abilities unique to the team.[19]

While a part of the Grand Army of the Republic, they earned quite the reputation. They were known to have a one hundred percent success rate. The squad worked together with Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" on certain occasions,[1] but did not report to anyone in particular.[6] The group somewhat disdainfully referred to normal troopers as "regs." According to Wrecker, whatever ship they were using was always shot down and destroyed when they worked alongside regular clones.[1]


Clone Sergeant "Hunter" possessed a talent for leadership, and could sense the electromagnetic fields given off by droids, which was considered an invaluable ability as Clone Force 99 was often sent on top secret and dangerous missions. The squad's leader was reluctant to work with standard clone troopers – who the squad nicknamed "regs" – as he believed that they would only interfere with the squad's unusual, yet effective, combat tactics. "Crosshair" had exceptional vision that was far superior than a standard clone's, which allowed him to dispatch targets at extremely long distances. Although Crosshair was dedicated to his comrades in Clone Force 99, he had little regard for regular clones, who he viewed as expendable.[18] Crosshair was often tasked with serving as the team's lookout, a position from which he could cover his squad[5] with his sniping skills.[4]

Echo, Crosshair, Hunter, Tech and Wrecker

The member known as "Tech" was considered the unit's resident genius, as he was an expert slicer and problem solver who preferred clever planning rather than raw force in defeating their enemies. Tech was also skilled in decryption, language skills, military tactics, and improvisation. "Wrecker" was the squad's muscle thanks to his strength, and although he had a dark humor, he was deeply loyal to his fellow squadmates and others who won his respect. A fifth member joined the unit later, near the end of the Clone Wars. This member was the rescued Advanced Recon Commando Clone Corporal CT-1409 "Echo." Echo was captured by Separatist forces during the Battle of Lola Sayu, and turned into a cyborg. Following a key victory at Anaxes, Echo decided to join the squad, and was equipped with his own unique armor.[18] During the early Imperial Era, the young enhanced clone Omega also joined the squad, while Crosshair left the team as a result of his behavioral modification biochip.[4]


Each member of the squad had a skull icon on their modified clone trooper armor, which could be seen as their unofficial logo and helped set the five apart from other clone units.[19] Clone Force 99 modified an Omicron-class attack shuttle named the Havoc Marauder, and used it as their own vessel.[21] A GNK-series power droid named Gonky served aboard the ship.[22] Their primary blasters are DC-17 hand blasters, DC-15A blaster carbines and DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems.


The Clone Wars[]

Insurrection on Yalbec Prime[]

"Sorry we're late Commander. We were putting down an insurrection on Yalbec Prime when your comm came in. Had a few unforeseen… complications."
―Hunter apologizes to Cody for being late[src]

Around 19 BBY,[23] Clone Force 99 was sent to Yalbec Prime in order to put down an insurrection. Part way through the mission, they received communications from CC-2224 "Cody" summoning them to the planet Anaxes for their next assignment. Before they could leave the world, complications arose when Wrecker cut off the stinger of a Yalbec queen with a vibro-knife, causing a number of Yalbec males to try to mate with them. The Bad Batch eventually managed to get off Yalbec Prime, and travel to Anaxes.[1]

Infiltrating the Cyber Center[]

"All right, what are your orders? We pick them off from the treeline one by one?"
"Actually, I was thinking we'd take a page from your book. Rush them head on."
"I like your style."
Hunter and Rex during the Battle of Anaxes — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Clone Force 99 on Anaxes

Following Yalbec Prime, the Bad Batch arrived on Anaxes and joined Cody, Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex", Advanced Recon Commando CT-5597 "Jesse", and CT-6116 "Kix" on an infiltration mission to a Separatist Cyber Center. During their flight on a LAAT/i gunship, they were shot down by a pair of DSD1 dwarf spider droids. Their ship crashed in a canyon, where Cody was wounded. Wrecker showed his immense strength by lifting the wreckage of the gunship and retrieving Cody. As a large detachment of droids approached, Hunter told his troops to execute Plan 82. Wrecker hefted the door to the wrecked gunship to use as a shield while the others took cover behind him. They charged the droids, with Tech calculating angles for Hunter to throw EMP grenades at the enemy. As they closed the gap between them and the forces, Wrecker heaved the piece of wreckage and the group entered hand-to-hand combat. Once the remaining droids had been defeated, they made camp and called in an evac for Cody, with Kix remaining with him to tend to his injuries.[1]

Continuing on to an outpost near the Cyber Center, Hunter agreed to defer to Rex to create a plan, but Rex decided to take after their tactics of a quick assault, which pleased Hunter. However, by this time, Admiral Trench had caught on to them, sending a platoon of droids with a Multi-Troop Transport to surround them. The clones quickly executed their plan, with Jesse, Rex, and Crosshair causing a distraction at the front as Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech entered through the backdoor. Tech tried to hack through the door, but the impatient Wrecker used brute force to smash through it. The clones took out all the droids inside, with Crosshair shooting the droid commander as he communicated with Trench, and Tech plugged into the computers. As Trench's reinforcements arrived, Hunter, Wrecker, and Jesse held them off as Tech worked with Rex's supervision. The two clones discovered that a live signal was being sent from Skako Minor carrying the CT number of clone trooper "Echo," leading Rex to believe that his friend was still alive.[1]

Mission to Skako Minor[]

"Hope nobody's scared of heights."
"Well, I'm not scared of nothing. It's just, when I'm up real high, I've got a problem with gravity."
―Anakin Skywalker and Wrecker on Skako Minor — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]
Encounter with the Poletecs[]

With the aid of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Rex, the Bad Batch were deployed to Skako Minor, a planet controlled by the Techno Union. Their mission was to locate Echo and if they could, rescue him. They traveled to the planet but had trouble landing since a storm had built up in its atmosphere.[6]

After landing, they were attacked by three Poletecs, the leader and two natives of Skako Minor, riding large reptiles called keeradaks. Skywalker was then kidnapped by one the leader of the Poletecs. Crosshair shot a tow cable that attached itself to the keeradak holding Skywalker. Hunter grabbed one end of the cable and was pulled with the keeradak. After being shaken off by the Poletecs, Hunter tracked Skywalker to the Poletec village and called in the other members. After the rest of the team had arrived, they initiated a rescue attempt while attempting to not harm the natives. Wrecker pushed a large boulder down a hill into the valley to use as cover since they were attempting to disarm the natives. Crosshair shot the leg of the keeradak still holding Skywalker captive, freeing the Jedi. They took the leader of the tribe hostage and with Tech translating, they learned of the Techno Union base on the planet.[6]

Entering Purkoll[]

Clone Force 99, alongside Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex, enter Purkoll

They traveled there with scouts provided by the Poletecs who showed them the Separatist base located in the city of Purkoll, rising high above the clouds on tall, thin pillars. At that point, it was revealed that Wrecker was not fond of heights. Tech lost Echo's signal, leading the team to question whether this whole operation could be a trap. After resolving these issues, the team began infiltrating the base. After trying to be stealthy, the team resorted to blasting their way through many D1-series aerial battle droids. The team then split up and began searching every nearby door. After being contacted by Wat Tambor, the foreman of the Techno Union, through the base's communication system, Tech opened the door to the room storing Echo, allowing Rex and himself to pass through while the others held off several waves of droids attempting to stop them. After opening the stasis chamber storing Echo, Tech began working out how to unplug him from the system.[6]

Escaping Purkoll[]
"What are you doing?"
"I'm putting an end to Tambor's little science experiment."
―Anakin Skywalker and Wrecker prior to blowing up the stasis pod — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Bad Batch escapes Purkoll on keeradaks

When Echo was released, he was very disoriented and couldn't even remember where he was. Communicating with Rex, he admitted that all he could remember was the Citadel. Tech kept working on removing Echo as more and more droids arrived. Hunter, Anakin, Crosshair, and Wrecker retreated inside and sealed two doors shut as they became surrounded. Wat Tambor arrived and prepared the Decimator, a prototype droid that only targeted organic beings. The Decimator began to cut through the doors as Tech released Echo from the wires connecting to his stasis chamber. Echo told the group about a hatch in the ceiling, which lead to the computer cooling system. Echo was able to open the door with his cybernetic arm. To escape through the hatch, Wrecker used his considerable strength to toss his fellow troopers up towards the hatch. Wrecker sent the rest of the team except for Anakin, who Force jumped up. Wrecker then tossed thermal detonators on the stasis chamber to end Tambor's "little science experiment." By now the Decimator had breached the doors and its energy tentacles started fanning out. Anakin lifted Wrecker just seconds before the Decimator's energy tentacles got him. Wrecker's bombs then went off, destroying the Decimator and knocking Tambor to the ground.[24]

The group made their way through the cooling systems, where Echo revealed he had extensive knowledge of the Techno Union. He told the group that he knew of an escape route, but one that it would not be easy to escape. Anakin agreed to Echo's plan to walk across a very thin pipe that led to the hangar, where they planned to steal a ship. While walking on the pipe, Wrecker started to panic due to his fear of heights but Hunter was able to keep him calm. However, as the squad neared the end of the pipe, a force of D1-series aerial battle droids arrived on each side of the pipe. Tech used a recording he had of a keeradak call from when they attacked the group earlier, using it to call keeradaks to their position, which they rode to safety. The droids took off to pursue the clones at the nearby village. The chief was displeased that they had returned and brought the war to the village. The remaining droid pursuers attacked, and while several of them were shot down, one of them escaped and returned to Purkoll and reported the clones whereabouts to Tambor. The foreman sent more D-wing droids as well as two octuptarra tri-droids to attack the village and recapture his "experiment."[24]

Defending the village[]

Hunter, Wrecker and Rex help fend off an octuptarra tri-droid

The natives were angered they had broken their word, and Rex, agreeing that he was right, managed to persuade the Poletecs and show them what the Techno Union had done with Echo. The Poletec warriors and the team took positions around the village when the army arrived. Skywalker, Crosshair and Echo took up positions on top of a large spire of rock that projected over the village.[24]

When the first wave of D-wing droids landed at the village, they first found it empty. Skywalker signaled for the attack to start and Wrecker began the defense by sending a boulder rolling down into the village, flattening multiple droids. The Poletec warriors charged into the village, attacking the droids. While many droids were destroyed, dozens of Poletecs fell. As the battle continued, Hunter borrowed Wrecker's combat knife to use alongside his own, and Tech deployed electromagnetic pulses against the droids, which they proved resistant to.[24]

The favor of the battle leaned towards the Techno Union once the Octuparra tri droids arrived. Realizing the trouble the three-legged droids posed, Skywalker ordered Rex, Hunter, and Wrecker to take one of them while he took the other. The clones shot at it from below to distract it. Skywalker quickly disarmed his target by cutting off its three turrets rendering it useless. Wrecker, noting that that had worked, grabbed Rex and Hunter and threw them onto the other octuptarra tri droid, to the Captain's irritation. Rex shot out one of the droid's visual sensors, Hunter took out another with a knife, and Crosshair shot out the third from his sniper position. Skywalker then cut off one of the legs of the other droid, leapt off, and Force-pushed it into the blinded droid, causing both octuptarras to fall over. Realizing they had lost, the remaining D-Wing droids retreated.[24]

As the group prepared to leave, the chief told them the Jedi would always have an ally on Skako. Rex reassured Echo that things would be just like old times, but Echo remained uncertain about the future.[24]

Republic victory on Anaxes[]

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"Echo" joins Clone Force 99

Returning to Anaxes, the Republic launched a massive attack that included the Bad Batch, Skywalker, Rex, and Echo infiltrating the Separatist flagship commanded by Admiral Trench. Kenobi, Windu, and the 212th Attack Battalion held off the main droid attack. They had almost been overwhelmed when Echo deactivated all of the droids in the room. The group planted explosives while Skywalker attacked the bridge and killed Trench. As they left the ship, Skywalker allowed Wrecker to use the detonator to blow the ship, which greatly pleased Wrecker. Following the Republic victory, Echo told Rex that he was considering joining the Bad Batch. Rex seemed saddened at the proposition, but told Echo that if he felt that it was his place, that he would support him. When Echo elected to join the squad, the group saluted Rex before he turned and made his way back to the command center.[3]

Conquest of Kaller and Order 66[]

Clone Force 99 on Kaller.

"What...What just happened?"
"The comm channel is repeating one directive, "Execute Order 66.
"Yeah I heard that too, what's Order 66?"
"I'm not certain."
―Echo, Tech and Wrecker on Kaller[src]

The Bad Batch later traveled to Kaller. There, they met Jedi Padawan Commander Caleb Dume who saw them as reinforcements. Together, they assisted Dume's master, Jedi General Depa Billaba, and their battalion in finishing off the battle droids and their AATs. Just as the Bad Batch advanced, Darth Sidious issued Order 66, resulting in all the clone troopers turning against their Jedi General and her Padawan. Depa Billaba was gunned down and Dume ran away from the massacre. The Bad Batch had also received the directive, however, they did not know what Order 66 was and did not try to kill the surviving Padawan, except for Crosshair who tried to shoot Dume despite Hunter trying to stop him. Dume eventually knocked Crosshair out, but Hunter still chased after him. After talking to a Clone Captain, Tech found out that Order 66 meant killing all Jedi for treason. As Hunter chased Dume to the edge of a cliff, he tried to convince the frightened Padawan that he was on his side. However, Dume managed to jump across the cliff and escape. Crosshair regained consciousness and caught up to Hunter demanding to know the status of Dume; Hunter lied, saying that the Padawan was dead.[4]

Age of the Empire[]

Abandoning the Empire[]

After taking part in the Conquest of Kaller, the Bad Batch arrived on Kamino, where they watched a hologram of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's proclamation of the Galactic Empire and met a child named Omega, who knew each of them by name. While they were on Kamino, Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin put the squad through a trial but judged them to be too independent. After being ordered to hunt down a "Separatist remnant" that turned out to be Saw Gerrera's Partisans and innocent refugees, the Bad Batch decided to desert the Empire, with Hunter offering Omega a place among them. She agreed, and the squad fled from Kamino. Crosshair, who was already skeptical of the unit's general disregard for orders from the Empire and sympathy towards Imperial enemies, had his inhibitor chip, whose chip was the only one working, to be amplified on Tarkin's orders. This resulted in his betrayal of Clone Force 99, with him choosing to stand with the Empire and against his traitorous former comrades.[4]

Trip to Saleucami[]

After escaping Kamino,[4] the group sought out an old acquaintance, Cut Lawquane. As the Imperial Military began to lock down Saleucami, Lawquane planned to move his family off of the planet before he was discovered as a defector. Introducing Cut to their new companions, CT-1409 "Echo" and Omega, Hunter wanted to learn how Cut had stayed hidden so well, as his squad were fugitives. Realizing how close the Empire is to catching Cut, the Lawquanes turned to Clone Force 99 for help getting off the planet. With Vice Admiral Rampart now requiring all citizens of the Empire to get chain codes, Clone Force 99 are force to acquire chain codes to get off the planet. While Clone Force 99 was away from the ship, the Empire impounds the Havoc Marauder and moves it to the imperial base on Saleucami. In order to create the chain codes, Clone Force 99 infiltrates the imperial base and grabs chain codes for the lawquanes. Through this mission Cut helps Hunter adjust to his role as a parental figure in Omega's life. During the Bad Batch's escape from the planet,[7] their ship became damaged, leading them to crash on a moon.[17]

Stop on Pantora[]

The Bad Batch are forced to restock their supplies on Pantora before continuing their journey, where Tech modifies their ship's signature so the Empire can't recognize it, being that the Empire branded it as a wanted ship. The landing bay employee that greeted the Batch on their arrival recognized them and contacted mercenary Fennec Shand, who's job was to capture Omega. Hunter and Echo explore in search of supplies while Wrecker and Tech are tasked with repairing damages done to the ship. While in a marketplace, Omega splits off from the Batch and gets lost, unable to find Hunter or Echo. Eventually she is approached by Fennec Shand who claims she is trying to help Omega find her friends, but instead leads her the opposite way of Hunter. Soon Hunter catches up though and gets in a firefight with Fennec in an attempt to retrieve Omega.

Ord Mantell[]

Hunter and the Batch hope to learn more about Fennec Shand, so Echo suggests that they meet a Jedi informant from the Clone Wars named Cid, who resides on Ord Mantell despite him never having met Cid personally. Upon arriving at Cid's bar, they are greeted by a Trandoshan who seems to care very little for why they need Cid and so the Batch, unable to find them, feel the trip was for nothing but Omega quickly realizes that Cid is the Trandoshan. Cid agrees to share information with the Batch concerning Fennec only if they do a job for her, which is to rescue a slave named Muchi from Zygerrian slavers.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept design of Clone Force 99 members for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Clone Force 99, also known as the "Bad Batch," was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. It first appeared in the seventh season episode "The Bad Batch."[1] Star Wars creator George Lucas came up with the idea of the Bad Batch, as he wanted to explore the idea that there were clones that were a little bit more unique from one another and who were like an enhanced skills special forces unit.[25]

Clone Force 99 was set to appear in another arc in the series, but the show was canceled before the episodes could be completed. In the arc, the clones fought against Babwa Venomor, a Trandoshan Separatist leader. A clip from one of the episodes featuring the clones was shown at Celebration Anaheim in 2015 where eight kinrath attacked the group on Kashyyyk, though all kinrath were killed.[26]


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