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"What do we do without the sarge?"
"The reg manual says the next—"
―Clone troopers CT-5555 "Fives" and CT-1409 "Echo" after the death of their sergeant[2]

Clone Sergeant,[1] also known as clone trooper sergeant,[3] was a rank held by clone troopers in the Galactic Republic's Grand Army who commanded squads of nine troopers. The four sergeants of a platoon were in turn led by their respective clone lieutenant. Standard[1] Phase I[4] sergeants wore armor featuring four pesto green colored circles on the left chestplate as well as a stripe of pesto down the length of each arm, vertically up the middle of the helmet and laterally around the visor.[1]

At least one clone trooper regulation manual contained information on what clones should do if their sergeant was unable to lead them.[2] Bearers of the rank included "Slick" of a squad,[5] "O'Niner,"[2] "Stew," "Crasher" of the Clone Youth Brigade,[6] CC-1119 "Appo" of the 501st Legion,[7] "Sinker" of the 104th Battalion,[8] and "Hunter" of Clone Force 99.[9]



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