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The Clone Wars Tactics expansion—also referred to as CWT—of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG (Trading Card Game) is the first of two smaller sets to be released based on the Clone Wars animated TV series. Clone Wars: Tactics came out on November 12, 2008, the day after The Clone Wars movie was released nationwide on DVD.

New gameplay rules and concepts in the Clone Wars Tactics expansion include:

  • New icons: Recon, Artillery
  • Articulated units



Tactics Scavenger Pack[]

Tactics Scavenger Pack with pre-built Vulture's Claw

The Clone Wars Tactics Scavenger Pack (TSP) was themed around Gha Nachkt's salvage operation, following the episodes where R2-D2 was missing in action. The only units static throughout the distribution of the TSP were the styrene sheet bearing General Grievous' starfighter along with two escort flights of Porax-38 starfighters, and the assembled Vulture's Claw itself. The rest of the cards and units were randomly packed, enhancing the salvaging nature of the release's theme.

Units Clone Wars

  • 1x General Grievous' Belbullab-22
  • 2x Escort Flight Porax-38

Clone Wars Tactics

Jedi Command Theme Deck[]

The Jedi Command Theme Deck (JCTD) was advertised as featuring an exclusive PocketModel and an exclusive game card. However, units and cards that were packaged within were products already released in previous expansions and/or supplements. The theme did revolve around Jedi in command of clone troops, and included artillery units along with other ground units and space units.


  • 1x 38th Armored Division Clone Artillery Cannon/104th Battalion Clone Artillery Cannon
  • 1x 38th Armored Division Republic Gunship
  • 1x 501st Legion AT-RT
  • 1x 104th Legion AT-RT
  • 1x 501st Legion AT-RT
  • 1x Shadow Squadron Y-wing
  • 1x Blue Squadron Y-wing
  • 1x Oddball's V-19 Torrent (pre-built)
  • 1x Gold Squadron V-19 Torrent
  • 1x 501st Legion AT-TE

Clone Wars Organized Play Prize Support Kit 2[]

Prize support for tournaments during the month of January, 2009, consisted of units and cards that were to be distributed to grand prize and fellowship prize winners.

  • 1x 501st Legion Republic Gunship (metallic silver colored)
  • 1x Twilight G9-Rigger Freighter (metallic gold colored)
  • 10x Captain Rex (hologram foil cards)

Clone Wars Collectors Tins[]

Clone Wars Collectors Tins

Three collectors tins were produced to be released December 12, 2008. Each tin depicts an image montage from the Clone Wars animated television series on the cover. Each tin was advertised to contain its own exclusive foil printed PocketModel and two boosters from the CWT expansion, however, aside from the exclusive unit, the contents of the tin were different than advertised.

Battle of Teth Scene Pack[]


After the discontinuation of WizKids' operations by Topps, Toys"R"Us released the Battle of Teth Scene Pack (BTSP) as an exclusive product. The box contained a display with units arranged in a diorama with background art from the computer animated motion picture, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and the following contents:

  • 14x units
  • 2x 30-card decks
  • 1x Exclusive playmat
  • 1x Quick reference guide

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