This article is about one variant of clone troopers armed with flamethrowers. You may be looking for another variety, the clone flame trooper, or the stormtrooper variant, the incinerator stormtrooper.
Blaze Trooper

A clone blaze trooper

"Flame on!"
―A clone blaze trooper[src]

The clone blaze trooper was the Grand Army of the Republic's frontline close combat infantry support unit and a type of advanced jet trooper It has very heavy armor.



A Phase II clone blaze trooper

Heavily armored and jet-propelled, the blaze troopers were hulking figures in their heavy combat armor, which appeared similar to that later worn by the Imperial Zero-G assault stormtroopers.

They were tasked with "blazing" through enemy lines and clearing accumulated battlefield debris out of the way of advancing infantry, using their wrist-embedded flamethrowers.

Their preferred method of attacking Jedi and most ground enemies was to rush them using their backpacks to increase their speed, and either backhanding the target while flying past or putting a target in a bear hug before slamming them into the ground where upon they would use their flamethrowers on their opponent.


These troopers served on battlefronts such as Rhen Var, Mygeeto, Utapau, and Coruscant during the Clone Wars. These clone troopers carried flamethrowers that they used to disperse crowds of enemies.

A number of blaze troopers were deployed in the Jedi Temple during Operation: Knightfall where they fought against Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.


Blaze troopers were equipped almost uniformly with heavy jetpacks and dual wrist-mounted flamethrowers. Their armor was extremely thick, a necessity due to their unique weaponry.

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Players of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game can purchase a set of armor that strongly resembles clone blaze trooper armor. However, this armor is dubbed "Super Trooper."



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