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"Clone Wars Victory Theme" is are several motifs written by Kiner for the score for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, its respective soundtrack and the television series. It was written in 2008. The theme is used to represent Galactic Republic victories during the Clone Wars.

The first motif is the Victory Theme, it can be heard during "General Loathsom/Ahsoka" at the beginning and end of the track.

A secondary motif, Rescue Theme, similarly representing the Republic exists at 1:26 into "Obi-Wan's Negotiation". This motif relates to the arrival of Republic reinforcements or rescue mission in the movie as well as its uses in the television series.

All themes are connected and mixed when played at the beginning of the episode "The Hidden Enemy". All themes are also heard in the track "Buzz Droids" (as heard in "Sabotage") downloadable from Kevin Kiner's website.


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