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Saesee and Clones Attack

Clone marines accompany Saesee Tiin on a mission to board Prosperous during the Battle of Coruscant.

Clone marines were elite clone troopers of the Republic Navy tasked with warding off Separatist boarding parties on Republic capital ships, as well as conducting boarding action against Separatist vessels.

The clone marine's weapons consisted of a DC-15A blaster rifle, a PLX-1 rocket launcher, a commando pistol based on the design of a DC-15S, and V-1 thermal detonators. This infantry unit would enter an enemy ship and would either capture or critically damage essential systems on that ship. On boarding parties, they would be more reliable, due to their quick sharpshooting and automatic DC-15A blaster rifles, than a clone pilot armed with a blaster pistol. On some occasions, the marines would land a space transport in an enemy hangar and deploy from there or use jetpacks to fly through space and land on the ship itself.

They should not be confused with the Galactic Marines, a ground-based branch of the Grand Army of the Republic commanded by High Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi.


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