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Commander Cody

A Clone Marshal Commander was a high-ranking clone trooper commander, usually in command of a corps-level formation in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. As such, a Marshal Commander was roughly equivalent to a Major General or Lieutenant General in other services; it was also the highest rank a clone could be given in the Grand Army of the Republic.

During the war, Marshal Commanders worked closely with their assigned Jedi Generals to coordinate and organize their forces, often acting as second in command. If a Marshal Commander's general is killed in action, they would assume full command of their Regiment until a new Jedi general was assigned.


The first generation of clone marshal commanders received special training on Kamino. In addition to regular flash training, the future commanding officers also received training in team management, tactics and strategy as well as the coordination of larger troop units.

Within the ranks of the clone marshal commanders there were also some "second generation commanders" who had gone through the ARC training program of Alpha-ARC A-17 "Alpha".

Notable Clone Marshal Commanders[]


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