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The Central Armory of the clone military education complex

The clone military education complex of Tipoca City, also known as the Kaminoan Military Complex, was the largest clone training center on Kamino. This facility was used to train the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic prior to and during the Clone Wars.


The Citadel Challenge combat training arena

The clone military education complex was located within one of the outer, domed hubs of Tipoca City, and dominated much of the settlement.[1] The innermost chambers housed command centers for Kaminoan supervisors, officials, and scientists. Docks and monitoring stations for the KE-8 Enforcers and Observation Ships were located nearby.[1]

The complex itself contained learning and training areas, as well as simulated battlefields. The floor of the upper training levels could be lowered and raised to create various combat (primarily hand-to-hand) training areas and certain areas could even be made into stadiums for the demonstration of combat skills.[1] The large battlefield simulation rooms could replicate a variety of environments and terrains through the use of repulsor floor plates, wind generators, and atmosphere generators.[1] Academies for advanced clone units, sleeping and recreational quarters, automated kitchens, assembly areas, dining halls, and even a secret ARC Trooper training center also existed.[1] An egress out to the hangars contained transports ready to carry the clones off into the wider galaxy.


A cutaway of a portion of the complex.

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