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"Generation One armor always holds up."
Clone Captain Rex[src]

Clone trooper armor described a wide variety of armor variants worn by the clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.[2] After the Galactic Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire, clones continued to wear the armor as Imperial soldiers for some time,[5] until it was replaced by stormtrooper armor. The most common variants of clone trooper armor included Phase I clone trooper armor, worn during the early years of the Clone Wars, and Phase II clone trooper armor (Phase I ARC trooper armor being the early models), which replaced Phase I for the final years of the Clone Wars and beyond.[1] For the Jedi Order, Jedi Generals and Jedi Commanders wore modified clone trooper armor known as Jedi Commander armor in combat. While the least common variants worn by clone commandos were the Katarn-class armor (one type was called the Mk I Katarn-class Commando Armor).

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