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Kix, a clone trooper medic of the 501st Legion

"I need a medic here, medic!"
―A clone trooper during the Battle of Christophsis calling a medic upon a fellow clone being shot[1]

Clone trooper medics[2] were clone troopers who were equipped to diagnose and treat wounded soldiers.


Clone trooper medics were specifically bred to treat their fellow clones who were injured. On Kamino, these clones were given specialized equipment and the Kaminoans instructed them on how to medically treat the clone body.


In the field, clone trooper medics wore standard armor with orange markings, notably orange circles on the shoulder armor and an orange stripe on the helmet. Clone trooper medics carried DC-15S blaster rifles and spare ammunition like other clones, as well as medical equipment. They usually carried two vibroscalpels, one laser scalpel, and two laser cauterizers. They also had a backpack that contained numerous bandages and bacta products. The medics would often be accompanied by an FX-3 medical droid to assist in diagnosing and treating injuries.


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