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"There are some officers on the way, so I want everything squared away for inspection."
―"O'Niner," to the Rishi Station unit[6]

Clone trooper officers,[1] also known as Clone Officers,[7] were clone troopers who served as officers in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[5] Clones serving in the Republic Navy were known as clone navigation officers.[2]

Clone trooper officers had a number of ranks, with some clones being trained for a higher rank, while others were promoted to it. The highest rank given to clones was normally that of Clone Commander. These commanders led regiments of sixteen companies.[7]



"So if you're a captain, and I'm a Jedi, then technically I outrank you, right?"
"In my book, experience outranks everything."
Ahsoka Tano and CT-7567 "Rex"[8]

Clone trooper officers, such as Clone Captains, Clone Commanders, or Clone Lieutenant, held positions of authority in the Republic Military.

Clone trooper officers,[1] also referred to as Clone Officers,[7] were clone troopers who served as military officers in the Grand Army of the Republic,[5] the Galactic Republic Navy, and medical units in the Republic Military.[9] When foregoing clone trooper armor, army clone officers used a blue uniform,[10] identical to the uniforms used by clone navigation officers, which crewed[11] and commanded Galactic Republic starships,[12] as well as aided their superior Republic officer.[8]

Clone medical officers wore a white version of the naval clone uniforms, and were present at medical space stations and commanded hospital ships.[9] Eventually, medical officer clones had a different uniform, with red stripes and insignia.[13]

Ranks and duties[]

Grand Army of the Republic[]

"I thought we were bred for battle, not running errands."
"Hey, we were bred to follow orders, Pulsar. You got a problem with that?"
"No sir, no problem."
"That's what I thought, now move."
―"Pulsar" and "Trap"[14]

The Grand Army of the Republic was commanded by clone trooper officers, who in turn served under Jedi officers.

Multiple military ranks were used by clone trooper officers, each with different or additional responsibilities and powers. In the Grand Army of the Republic, a Clone Lieutenant served as the leader of a platoon and its four Clone Sergeants. In turn, a Clone Captain commanded a company of troopers, which consisted of four platoons.[15] Additionally, Clone Captains could also serve as the first-in-command of a legion's commanding officer.[16]

Above Clone Captains was the military rank of Clone Commander. Clone troopers with that rank could lead battalions, regiments, or legions within the Grand Army. Above Clone Commander was the high rank of Clone Marshal Commander, who had the capability of leading an entire corps.[15] Special forces, specifically Advanced Recon Commandos, could attain the rank of Clone ARC Commander.[17] Clone majors also served within the Republic Army.[18]

Republic Navy[]

"We've entered the atmosphere. Fire retro-rockets!"
"We've lost lateral control. We're gonna break apart—"
―Clone navigation officers[19]

Republic warships were crewed by clone naval officers.

The Republic Navy's clone officers used the military ranks of Clone Captain and Clone Commander. A Clone Captain could serve onboard a Star Destroyer, in consort with a Clone Commander.[20] Additionally, Clone Captains could also serve as the commanding officers of sub-capital ships including a Pelta-class Medical Frigate[21] or a Consular-class c70 cruiser.[12]

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