"Clones" was the first single released from the Meltdown album by the band Ash on February 25, 2004. The song was used on the soundtrack for the game Star Wars: Republic Commando and the song later appeared on the accompanying Commando EP. It was the first use of a licensed song in a Star Wars soundtrack by LucasArts; the song appears both in the end credits of the game and as a music video bonus feature in the game's Extras section.

The band has described the use of the song in the game as a "fluke": "We got asked to provide music for the game during the Meltdown writing period and by complete fluke had just demoed the Clones track!"

The lyrics of the song address a member of an endless series of clones, berating him for having once shown potential to rise about social conformity but in the end reverting to the expectations of his creators. The original music video shows the band performing in an empty warehouse, and ends with lead singer Tim Wheeler confronting a clone of himself. The revised music video released with Republic Commando intersperses the original video with gameplay footage of Delta Squad ruthlessly dispatching their foes, and ends with Boss brutally kicking in the head of a defeated super battle droid.

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