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Clouzon-36 was a type of blue-green gas that was used as a hyperdrive fuel for starships. It was also inhaled by vacuum-based lifeforms such as grallocs and purrgil, the latter of which used it to power their natural ability to jump into hyperspace.

Description[edit | edit source]

Clouzon-36 was a rare[2] but powerful fuel; according to Sabine Wren, one decent-sized shipment of Clouzon-36 was enough to keep the entire fleet of the Phoenix Cell fully fueled for a whole cycle.[1] Standard starship sensors had trouble identifying the gas at a distance, making it difficult to locate spills or deposits.[2]

Clouzon-36 conduits on starships were generally well armored to prevent leakage,[2] though they were sometimes exposed as a result of starship combat.[3] Containers of the gas were identifiable by markings of red-yellow-red-white-red.[2]

Although species such as humans and Lasats could not breathe in Clouzon-36, Rodians and members of Yushyn's species could.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

During the Imperial Era, hijacked Clouzon-36 was on the permanent watchlist of the Imperial Security Bureau.[2] In 3 BBY, the crew of the Ghost raided the Mining Guild's Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery, hoping to steal Clouzon-36 to replenish the Phoenix Cell's fuel supplies.[1]

In his corrupt scheme to steal components of the Project Stardust, Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit employed Clouzon-36 canisters to attract grallocs to his freighters, allowing their crews to feign hyperdrive malfunctions and escape the system. The discovery of trace amounts of the gas in a dissected gralloc's stomach contributed to the exposure of the scheme by Grand Admiral Thrawn.[2]

During her hunt for the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, Lieutenant Yrica Quell discovered trace amounts of Clouzon-36 in the atmosphere of Jiruus; the presence of the hyperdrive fuel indicated a significant battle there.[3]

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