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Clubs were blunt weapons used by a variety of species.


Clubs were simple weapons often made of wood. They were swung at enemies to cause damage—they could even kill if swung hard enough.

A variety of club was the baton, which was used by police forces for various purposes including crowd control.[1] Some species had their own traditional clubs. A Thogk was a traditional Gamorrean club which literally translated to "log with a spike in it" in Gamorrese. The Icehead club was a wooden bludgeon used by members of the Icehead species.


Wicket club

Wicket the Ewok wielding a club

The semi-sentient Gundark species preferred fighting with their bare hands, but would use a club when necessary.[2]

The Unwashed, a subspecies of the Anointed People, commonly carried a club. During the time of the Galactic Empire, the Anointed People would participate in traditional mock battles using only clubs which could do little damage against the strong-boned species.

Clubs were used by two species native to the Forest Moon of Endor, namely the Duloks[3] and the Ewoks.[4] Gorneesh, the king of a tribe of Duloks on Endor during the time of the Galactic Civil War, wielded a very large club. During the Battle of Endor, the Ewoks used clubs, hatchets, and arrows against stormtroopers.[4]

The club was also used by Noghri warrior Cakhmaim, who viewed it as his favorite weapon. A warrior of the Cilare species named Arbeloa was able to to defeat multiple Yuuzhan Vong armed only with a club.[5]



A stun baton was a type of club used by law enforcement


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